Play / Download The Killers - Boy (Live Debut) at Madcool Festival in Spain, 7th July 2022
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tkillers music

tkillers music

Published on 1 month ago


Thank you anna for letting me share this gem.

#TheKillers #BrandonFlowers #boy

tkillers music tkillers music . 4 weeks ago
boy performed live in Amsterdam
Clara Bonnet Clara Bonnet . 4 hours ago
be different.
Bárbara Blanco Alonso Bárbara Blanco Alonso . 5 days ago
I was there I am so luckyyyyyy
Tam moore Tam moore . 6 days ago
Cyndie PAGNON Cyndie PAGNON . 6 days ago
Michael Wilkinson Michael Wilkinson . 1 week ago
gustavo garcia gustavo garcia . 1 week ago
Thank you The Killers for include music bridges from Erasure A Little Respect!!!!
Pixel Positive Music Pixel Positive Music . 1 week ago
Amazing song and I just love seeing Dave with them again. Gonna see them live for the first time next month. Can’t wait!
The 4th The 4th . 1 week ago
Looks like their guitarist is back
thorntail thorntail . 1 week ago
i miss this guitar in the studio version
Alexandre Brandon F Alexandre Brandon F . 1 week ago
Fantastic..... I need to listen again and again 💚💚💚🔥🔥🔥
Peter Brown Peter Brown . 1 week ago
Channeling Erasure here
:D :D . 2 weeks ago
Poe Castillo Poe Castillo . 2 weeks ago
Seeing them in September in St.Louis! Can’t wait!
Samuel Mariscal Samuel Mariscal . 2 weeks ago
Vaya babosos !!! Hasta que volvieron a sus orígenes !!! Andar inventando música que no es de ustedes no estaba padre !!! Bienvenida su nueva canción y regresar a sus orígenes!!!
Jaxcen Muller Jaxcen Muller . 2 weeks ago
David bowie vibes for some peculiar reason
Kot Kot . 3 weeks ago
The Killers killed it.
Debbie Stokoe Debbie Stokoe . 3 weeks ago
I am here for this outfit and tune!
Alex Mansell Alex Mansell . 3 weeks ago
It's pretty catchy even at first listen. Nothing stands up to Sams Town but that's ok.

Enjoyed Pressure Machine for what it was the sort of Album you can just listen to in silence with a cold Whisky.

I never expect huge things from their new releases but will always give them a listen. I hated somebody told me when it first came out but for me now Hot Fuss and Sams town are indie masterpieces 😁
Mark Pearson Mark Pearson . 3 weeks ago
Just loving the 80s Synth sound on this - amazing
Balkee Bartockamoos Balkee Bartockamoos . 3 weeks ago
Hope the outro on the album version is longer
Alexandria 825 Alexandria 825 . 3 weeks ago
good one!
Blackbird Blackbird . 3 weeks ago
It gave me battle born vibes, this is just so damn cool 🔥
Sabine Moser Sabine Moser . 3 weeks ago
love it!!!
Aisling January Aisling January . 3 weeks ago
Uggh when Brandon smiles my heart just MELTS!
Mark Pearson Mark Pearson . 4 weeks ago
Damn I love this so much already - roll on 5th August
Hector Fernandez Hector Fernandez . 4 weeks ago
I swear they always on point, I love them and I'm proud of being their fan ❤️
cbd2011 cbd2011 . 4 weeks ago
Why is this precious man becoming more good-looking as he grows older???
David Wood David Wood . 4 weeks ago
Anyone hearing similarities to Miss Atomic Bomb?
DF333 DF333 . 4 weeks ago
Have heard this about 50 times already still brilliant Brandon is a genius!
mysterienspiel mysterienspiel . 4 weeks ago
I never cared for The Killers, just some band which music is passing me by, you know? And five minutes into a couple of YouTube videos of "Boy" and I'm crying in shambles.
Jose Arias Jose Arias . 1 month ago
Remember me the song of erasure - little respect
Mr AngryEyes Mr AngryEyes . 1 month ago
One new song without Jesus in it is all I ask for
Freedom Brick Freedom Brick . 1 month ago
It's really good. It sounds like a Day & Age and Battle Born mix. It's perfect
Balkee Bartockamoos Balkee Bartockamoos . 1 month ago
The guitar on the outro brings tears to my eyes
Pet shop Boy Pet shop Boy . 1 month ago
Amazing .. glod bless the killers for bringing happiness to the world 🌎
ruchi chaunal ruchi chaunal . 1 month ago
Damnnnnnn... Lucky those who listened to this gem live 🥺
Eddy Flowers Eddy Flowers . 1 month ago
Another great song by the greatest band of all time 👍👍👍
Joel Guerrero Joel Guerrero . 1 month ago
This may seriously, already, be my favorite killers song. I’m such a romantic Springsteen-Killers fan, and this is right down what I’m looking for from them.
Jamie Dobbie Jamie Dobbie . 1 month ago
Head down
Wrong fit
Big deal
That's just growin' up
Untouched, sixteen
Don't overthink it, boy
White arrows will break
The black night
Don't overthink it, boy
White arrows will break

When you're out on a ledge
Please come down, boy
There is a place that exists
Just give it some time

Hope drawn arrows unseen will fly

Heat wave, slow lane
Small town
Only diesels there
These streets weren't meant to house
Jet fuel enginе dreams
White arrows will blast
The black night

Whеn you're out on a ledge
Please come down, boy
There is a place that exists
Just give it some time

Hope drawn arrows unseen will fly
And break the black night
But don't overthink it, boy
Don't overthink it, boy
Daniil Ive Daniil Ive . 1 month ago
like from 2007 🔥👏🏻
Denny Darrington Denny Darrington . 1 month ago
love it......
Sowas von Toll Sowas von Toll . 1 month ago
Unverwechselbarer Sound 😍
Erick Avila Erick Avila . 1 month ago
Omg love this song already must of watched this video like 20 times already lol. Can't wait to see them live September 30th at Madison Square Garden and I hope they perform this song LIVE!!!!!!!
Tony Colorado Tony Colorado . 1 month ago
Sounds like Miss Atomic Bomb
Laurie D. Laurie D. . 1 month ago
Love this song. The studio version will be amazing. Killers ROCK!
Jennifer Dunn Jennifer Dunn . 1 month ago
Perfection=the Killers
Nicolas Mc Loughlin Nicolas Mc Loughlin . 1 month ago
I still remember this band. More than 10 years ago... they used to be cool. Two first great albums, the rest is crap.
Sarah Mildenhall Sarah Mildenhall . 1 month ago
Love this band brill new song can’t wait till it’s released the live version is great to saw them Norwich they where great
Steve Laurie Steve Laurie . 1 month ago
Great song. They've definitely been listening to 'Erasure'. 'A Little Respect' is all over this. Never a bad thing. :)

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