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Published on 6 days ago

At least five people were killed and seven were injured in a fiery multi-vehicle crash at a gas station on South La Brea and Slauson avenues Thursday afternoon, officials said.

Sandra Mitchell reports for the KTLA 5 News at 6 on Aug. 4, 2022.

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WB WB . 33 minutes ago
The babies carseat gets me so bad it's so far from the crash you can tell he flew out 😖😢 this is horrifying. Prayers to the families and people affected ❤️
karen kane karen kane . 3 hours ago
that's not kosher, because if she always takes that route she would have known their is a spot light coming up ,maybe something was going on in her head. not normal for the speed she was going,sorry for all the families that was hurt including her. mental illness is real.
Cortney Everett Cortney Everett . 3 hours ago
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Deuteronomy 32:39 See now that I, even I, am he, and there is no god with me: I kill, and I make alive; I wound, and I heal: neither is there any that can deliver out of my hand.

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love love . 6 hours ago
Thats 6 people dead. That baby inside the moms body was a human too. This world is so wack saying an unborn baby is not a human
Tabitha Cooper Tabitha Cooper . 9 hours ago
Lorraine Lorraine . 11 hours ago
I have neighbors that drive like this. I have reported it and have told them they need to slow down. This is a residential zone. There are children and animals that could cross the street and wouldn't make it to the other side. It's a selfish world we live in. Sad but so true. SMH every day.
Sweet Like Me Sweet Like Me . 12 hours ago
She needs the death penalty
GB_Boy1 GB_Boy1 . 16 hours ago
Girls can’t drive
Mike Lud Mike Lud . 16 hours ago
Would anyone know what type of model that Mercedes car was?
that car sure held up well going thru all that,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, R.I.P. to the victims 🙏
Ab by Ab by . 16 hours ago
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Muthulingam Ramiah Muthulingam Ramiah . 18 hours ago
What is troubling with this horrific event is that there is no way to tell whether:
1. She zoned out and kept accelerating while putting on make up using the Rear View Mirror...(if she really did this, she deserves to be Electrocuted)
2. Her High Heels got stuck between her car's Brake Pedals and the Accelerator Pedal and when she tried to Brake here high heels pressed the Accelerator Pedal and when her car accelerated more she hit the brakes more causing the High Heels to press the Accelerator into Full Throttle... Yeah, a lot of woman remove their high heels or shoes and leave it beside their legs totally oblivious to the fact that their High Heels can cause the death of innocent road users...some even put their water bottles there...
3. She intentionally tried to ram into other cars to kill herself...but ended up killing 6 other people horrifically...(this is just stupid, there so many ways to kill yourself without harming others)...
4. The Drive by Wire Accelerator Pedal malfunctioned and caused the horrific accident...This is most unlikely as in the event of a malfunction, the Accelerator Pedal usually goes to Limp Home Mode where it reduces to speed of the vehicle to a crawl...
So we can definitely rule out number 4...
Whatever happened, the driver of the speeding car should be sentenced to death by Electrocution... She has no right driving that fast on a busy public road...
She killed 6 people including a pregnant woman and a 1 year old child...
Sorry no mercy for murderers...
Ta Ta Boomer Ta Ta Boomer . 19 hours ago
J. Ramirez J. Ramirez . 22 hours ago
I’m shocked Gascon is going to prosecute her. The guy has been way too lenient on crime
Doug Alsip Doug Alsip . 1 day ago
I called it I said she was black
Safar Tsedek Safar Tsedek . 1 day ago
The individual that perpetrated this ain't even human! Here's proof:
Tiggy Piggy Tiggy Piggy . 2 days ago
Omg the lady saw the baby fly 😞😢 my heart goes to the family 🙏💕
Tiggy Piggy Tiggy Piggy . 2 days ago
Something is not right here…going so fast and can see on coming traffic? Like I’m confused 🫤
Mercedes’ malfunction
Isidro Delacruz Isidro Delacruz . 2 days ago
zeze zeze . 2 days ago
And of course the driver who did this is still alive…
black water black water . 2 days ago
Man this is sad I heard she did this over a boy leaving her my heart goes out to the family's.
JWUniverse JWUniverse . 2 days ago
Hope she goes to Prison for the rest of her life!… Don’t know how she thought she could make that… Or possibly tried to kill herself by taking others with her!
Tonya Massey Tonya Massey . 2 days ago
Persecute too the fulliest. So sad. My heart goes out to all involved
OhDuana OhDuana . 2 days ago
I'm just realizing she said the baby landed at her feet but you see the car seat in the intersection 🥺
adilla121783 adilla121783 . 2 days ago
Prayers goes out to all the families friends and who ever seen this tragic incident . That area remain busy but coming frm the direction she was heading its slopes downwards and for most drivers attend to drive fast accelerating when you can truly take your foot off the gas and just Coast down that Hill
Moving Forward Moving Forward . 2 days ago
Where's her picture? Why is she being protected? She needs to be seen.
Leele W. Leele W. . 2 days ago
Ridiculous. No need to be driving that fast. At all
Dj Don Datta Dj Don Datta . 2 days ago
Allegedly She tried to commit suicide because of a man... Now look at the loss she's brought onto others that had no business in her affairs... 🚮
Steve Camp Steve Camp . 2 days ago
Looks like murder suicide, who does that !
alexander supertramp alexander supertramp . 3 days ago
could hav been any1 of us
Elvin Duran Elvin Duran . 3 days ago
Driver Man Driver Man . 3 days ago
This is why I keep a dashcam people are irresponsible and sleep
Rambo Jo Rambo Jo . 3 days ago
She was going over 100 missile power. Hang the driver. Put the car in neutral if no brakes. Clearly reckless. Health issues not flying down the road more like pulling over unless she passed out and just floored it. Unreal extremely sad God strikes again look up and say thank you
jp jp . 3 days ago
don't worry, the driver, I mean "victim", will be out on the street by breakfast...
Wise Man Wise Man . 3 days ago
This woman must face murder charges
Boi Villa Boi Villa . 3 days ago
That strict of fire flame...looks like in the movie of BACK TO THE FUTURE....condolence to those who passed in that accident or MASSACRE.
Shelbymaldita Shelbymaldita . 3 days ago
I had an accident 2 years ago like this when a big hybrid car ran a red light in the intersection I was the 2nd car on the right otherwise I could've been tboned. The hybrid driver thought it was a green light. He was an idiot it was in broad daylight. Be careful driving out there. I pray for the victims who died may they rest in peace🙏
Scott Norris Scott Norris . 3 days ago
No bail, lock her up.
AMERICA AMERICA . 3 days ago
Having to have eyes balls all around the head nowadays!
God bless all the families my prayers are with you all
serge louis sieben serge louis sieben . 3 days ago
She obviously did this intentionally
Omg Please Jesus help those who died in this crash is is just terrible
A little boy dead
It’s makes me cry
NewsHotVN NewsHotVN . 3 days ago
very terrible
Patrick Polk Patrick Polk . 3 days ago
who was the lady trying to get away from thats the question that should be ask
TOBES TOBES . 3 days ago
It's a reckless driver trying to commit suicide, using their vehicle just like Anne Heche.
Marisol Olmos Marisol Olmos . 3 days ago
SELFISH 🤬🤬👿👿👿👿 Im at. Loss for words. Yet she survived 🤬🤬🤬
Tusk Tusk . 3 days ago
That's more than 80 mph
Johnny Campana Johnny Campana . 3 days ago
Only bad thing that didn’t happen is the driver that caused the crash didn’t die
Atlantis Tire Inc. Atlantis Tire Inc. . 3 days ago
The pink BMW was so lucky................
KingJordan2221_ KingJordan2221_ . 3 days ago
Medical emergency??? WTF
robert graziano robert graziano . 3 days ago
We didn't need the description of the baby flying in the air.
driver4011 driver4011 . 3 days ago
no mechanical malfunction , no medical and / or health issue, etc.
driver did it intentionally.

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