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Crossed Sports

Crossed Sports

Published on 3 weeks ago

Shaq wanted ryan hollins to put some respect on kobe's name...

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Crossed Sports Crossed Sports . 2 weeks ago
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GOODGOON GOODGOON . 18 minutes ago
???? 😂😂 get this man outta here
Mr. Jay Mr. Jay . 19 minutes ago
Dude is delusional....
Navyonte Gary Navyonte Gary . 39 minutes ago
That nigga a goofy and she proved he was
TreyConveyorYT TreyConveyorYT . 1 hour ago
Jordan and Kobe are legends and will always be legends they are both like undefeated and and lebron is not
TreyConveyorYT TreyConveyorYT . 1 hour ago
That guy is a disgrace to humanity
miguel vazquez miguel vazquez . 1 hour ago
"I ganna pass up on Kobe". I wouldn't blame Shaq getting angry and smack him if he did. How disrespectful. Who is that loser anyways?
Rio.k Rio.k . 2 hours ago
Ronald Tham Ronald Tham . 2 hours ago
Who's that Lebron fanboy? He has stupid mustache
Everybody Lost in EGO Everybody Lost in EGO . 2 hours ago
Both were my favorite players in there time. Well until one went woke. There is one thing lebron does better than JORDAN. Making shitty tweets.
Jared chamberlain Jared chamberlain . 2 hours ago
Who is that clown
45nu 45nu . 2 hours ago
These new kids just don’t get it 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
jason evans jason evans . 2 hours ago
That dude was on drugs , lebron couldn't lace MJ or Kobe's shoes man what the hell is he smoking
Franklin REYES Franklin REYES . 3 hours ago
He trippin
Baja Blaster Baja Blaster . 3 hours ago
Carried by other literal goats in their own aspect, lebron had maybe, one up to par teamate.
Lebron is literally better individually
Ikiti Chiboy Ikiti Chiboy . 3 hours ago
The lady: TF are they blabbing about
Nappy God Lotanna Nappy God Lotanna . 3 hours ago
Man these arguments have made people choose sides, so much so that LJ is literally taking more hate for being referred to as GOAT. imagine being so good at what you do that people start hating u immensely that they would say anything to belittle ur wins. old heads do better.
EvAnAlMiGhTy1995 EvAnAlMiGhTy1995 . 3 hours ago
"imma pass Kobe up"
How did reality not fall apart when he said that?
kellyakakells kellyakakells . 4 hours ago
He’s said Lebron tripled Jordan in assist.

Well Lebron went to the league from High school,

Jordan went to college, and missed 2 seasons with retirement.
Final Flare Final Flare . 4 hours ago
I have underwear older then that sports reporter. He more than likely never saw jordan play at all
Righteous Official Righteous Official . 4 hours ago
Ain’t seen him on there since😂😂😂
Abdul-Aziz Ahmad Abdul-Aziz Ahmad . 4 hours ago
Michael Jordan Nr.1...You now one
clem clem . 4 hours ago
I’m a Kobe fan but he shouldn’t even be in this conversation 🤦‍♂️
OkDROCK OkDROCK . 5 hours ago
This man crazy said they can’t fill Lebrun shoes fire him now!!!!!
Jarred Krum Jarred Krum . 5 hours ago
Lebrons a joke compared to jordan!
Connor Seaturtle Connor Seaturtle . 5 hours ago
People always never appreciate current day players
Kenneth Jensen Kenneth Jensen . 5 hours ago
Looooooooooool Lebron aint even FUCKING close to koby, even mention michaels name, lolololol... Shut that nigga up
He kinda does have some grounds to argue his point. MJ is G.O.A.T. but come on... look who MJ beat in that 6-0 Championship run, Lakers (beyond their peak), Trailblazers (older Clyde the Glide), Jazz (twice), Suns (Dan Majerle & the Chuckster, Supersonic (beyond their prime?)... Bruh. IMHO, I think MJ had a much easier path than LBJ. Does anyone think MJ & his Peak Bulls could've beaten the Warriors & KD Dynasty, I don't think so. But I guess we'll never know the answer unless we simulate it on NBA2k, 🤔 this is coming from a fan that used to appreciate the support before it turned into a popularity contest, smdh.😬
Daniel Moon Daniel Moon . 6 hours ago
Bron better
Jeremy Surgeon Jeremy Surgeon . 6 hours ago
This is the problem with young people. They see the greatest of their generation as the greatest in everything. It’s a natural thing. That’s why I like older people doing analyst, anchor, and commentary jobs, because they have seen alot of competitors in sports over a broader range of time.
Lee Jackson Lee Jackson . 6 hours ago
Bill Russell........G.O.A.T........ALL HE DID WAS WIN.....11 RINGS.......SHUT UP.
ASTÉRAS M.E. ASTÉRAS M.E. . 6 hours ago
I'm not a big Basket ball fan but I can never say what this dude said about Kobe. 😅
Marcus Richards ever Marcus Richards ever . 7 hours ago
That Lightskin niggaz hung his self fuckin crazy I’m not taking shit from LB but don’t disrespect Kobe and Mike
Carlos Garcia Carlos Garcia . 7 hours ago
Lebron is soft
ashe diz ashe diz . 7 hours ago
WOW!!! How is this moron even a sports commentator?!? ESPECIALLY about basketball! WTF?!? Lebron is not, has not, and will not EVER be in the same league as MJ or Kobe. PERIOD. DON'T DISCRACE THE LEGENDS
Turbo R3n3gade Turbo R3n3gade . 7 hours ago
Hope this guy lost his job at being a sports commentator because he's a dummy
Potato Avacadonion Potato Avacadonion . 7 hours ago
Same guy who said warriors wouldn't win a finals again, yeah someone fire him
Prof. Prof. . 7 hours ago
Go Shaq!!! 👍🏼
Absolute Chad Absolute Chad . 7 hours ago
Jordan is the GOAT. No one ever clowned #23. LeBron can't say the same.
Adam Price Adam Price . 8 hours ago
How the fuck did he get on this show
CanIGetAMuligan CanIGetAMuligan . 8 hours ago
What a garbage argument. Lebron brought so many teams to the finals that didn't belong. Mike wasn't capable of that. Replace Mike with Lebron on those bulls teams and Lebron wins 7 or 8 rings
allvideosareprivate allvideosareprivate . 8 hours ago
Personally I believe MJ is the goat, but I have respect for those that say Kobe is the goat, because I can understand that. But when people say Bron is the Goat I have NO respect for them, they obviously don't know anything about Kobe or MJ
mathew vang mathew vang . 8 hours ago
Everybody have there own opinions so it don’t matter😂😂😂🤫
Alfredo Cavazos Alfredo Cavazos . 8 hours ago
After hearing what he just said nothing he ever says will be relevant ever again I mean he could say winter is cold and I would be like shut up your words mean nothing
CptSparklFingerz CptSparklFingerz . 8 hours ago
Larry Bird.
HYRO X HYRO X . 8 hours ago
Jordan would be even crazier in todays age with everyone so stuck to running plays. Jordan would have them all memorized and have his own damn playbook. You’re talking about the god that shot a million shots plus If that’s what it took
Aude S. Aude S. . 8 hours ago
I know this is old but I'm gonna say it again. Lebron can have all his most tripple, double assets, etc... whatever points he wants, all his points means nothing if he can't finish the season with a title.
Nate Hurst Nate Hurst . 8 hours ago
...did he literally commit suicide after blasphemy, live?
RamVoix RamVoix . 8 hours ago
Shaq knows best because he played with and against those guys
Anthony Wright Anthony Wright . 9 hours ago
Well if it's only based on rings, Bill is the greatest 8 in row, 11 total and two of those as player coach!!!!

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