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Cole Swindell

Cole Swindell

Published on 4 months ago

Cole Swindell - She Had Me At Heads Carolina (Audio)

Can you spot the easter egg in the video? Let us know in the comments what it is!

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Jordan Ellis Jordan Ellis . 8 hours ago
i love it it is so good
sunshine girl 669 sunshine girl 669 . 11 hours ago
I love this song bc it brings back memories
Hashbrown_offical Hashbrown_offical . 3 days ago
Original is better
Cassie Hackman Cassie Hackman . 3 days ago
Sad these new country singers have to ruin the classic songs with remix’s because they can’t make good music themselves
Emily Merritt Revel Emily Merritt Revel . 4 days ago
I love that this uses the actual tune of Heads Carolina.
Dakota Austin Dakota Austin . 4 days ago
First time I heard this I swear I got goosebumps. I grew up in the 90’s and I can remember when b93 played nothing but 90’s country. New favorite song, right here.
Ellen Underwood Ellen Underwood . 5 days ago
Jodee should be proud of this one
Lil’Lightning06 HEH Lil’Lightning06 HEH . 5 days ago
I’m in love! I swear. I’ve loved this song because it was essentially the definition of my life. This South GA girl got California (despite hoping for Carolina but I’d already lived there a little while). I wouldn’t trade that coin toss for the world. 😂 I love this version.
I just play games I just play games . 5 days ago
This is the just like Jo Dee Messina.
Hunter Girl Hunter Girl . 5 days ago
I'm obsessed !!
Tammy M Tammy M . 6 days ago
This slaps!! As a 90s country fan I approve of this song!
J A J A . 6 days ago
Who is doing the female vocal? Is that Jo Dee herself?
Wander Dragon Wander Dragon . 6 days ago
That’s a Jo Dee Messina reference isn’t it?
Darby Rendrag Darby Rendrag . 1 week ago
I really like the old song, but this song is auto tuned pop way to much why can’t we be like the good ole days with stuff we can understand and sing along with, not just this mumble stuff I have to stand in front of my fan to get the same sound effects. Let’s see you destroy strawberry wine COLE 😉
Gregory Bedford Gregory Bedford . 1 week ago
Music video of Jo Dee and your SO singing with you walking in and then walking up on stage and singing this song.
nature10879 nature10879 . 1 week ago
This song liberates me, maked feel free
Shannon Senn Shannon Senn . 1 week ago
Love it!!!!
Desperate Ads Desperate Ads . 1 week ago
Broski, I came from Florida to TN to Co to Georgia I ain't never heard nobody try to remake a classic like you just did. Now show some damn respect for that lady who made the real song cuz this right here is CHEEEKS
Owfi Owfi . 1 week ago
I've never heard the original song, Heads Carolina Tails California.
I listened to this song with the lyrics and saw "She had me at 'Heads Carolina Tails California' ".
And realized the singer was talking about her singing a particular song.
So I looked that up, and realized what HCTC even means.
That you're flipping a coin "a quarter" and depending on what it lands on you're going to Carolina or California.
Then I also noticed at the end of this song it says
"Somewhere greener somewhere warmer"
Which is from the original song.
So clever.
Jules V. *XOXO*💋♠️ Jules V. *XOXO*💋♠️ . 1 week ago
Me gusta Carolina del Sur
Kathy Vanderschans Kathy Vanderschans . 1 week ago
I love this song 💕 💓🥰💕💞💗🧡💕💞💓🧡💖💕💟❣❣
Jacob Finerfrock Jacob Finerfrock . 1 week ago
Cole swindled a song from Jo Di Mesina.
Texas Earth Watcher Texas Earth Watcher . 1 week ago
Heard it for the first time today - amazing! It's funny how music can flood your head with so many great memories.
Michelle Young Michelle Young . 1 week ago
Totally love it!! Off the chart!!! Check out my boys @zachattonmusic
Jennysue - Miss Kitty NY Jennysue - Miss Kitty NY . 1 week ago
❤✈❤🤠❤🎶 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐🤘
Sa Doutt Sa Doutt . 1 week ago
This should be voted most unoriginal of the year.
Keilee Goetz Keilee Goetz . 1 week ago
so clever absolutely ove the nostalga
leslie martin leslie martin . 1 week ago
Literally stole the concept and tempo from the original Heads Carolina… how sad “original talent” didn’t seem to exist much any more
Jesse Bates Jesse Bates . 1 week ago
"'I'd drive her anywhere but here to California"
Sorry, but I had to fix it.
--From a Nevadan
Katherine Myers Katherine Myers . 2 weeks ago
No duets. Cole does this his way. I love it! Jo Dee was good . What’s she doing now? Cole sexy ♥️
Bribridude130 Bribridude130 . 2 weeks ago
When I first heard this song, it reminded me of "Sweet Arizona" by East Love. It especially reminded me of the this lyric of that song:
Sweeter than California
Sweeter than Tennessee
Sweeter than Colorado
Sweeter than Georgia peach
Kacey Cartrette Kacey Cartrette . 2 weeks ago
love this song
Toby Davis Toby Davis . 2 weeks ago
Luv u @dydnied
CantStayAway CantStayAway . 2 weeks ago
I am OBSESSED with this song!!! I bet Jo Dee loves it too :)
Robyncraddles Robyncraddles . 2 weeks ago
My song!!!! ❤️😍❤️😍❤️🙈🙈
JBj JBj . 2 weeks ago
Non-Biased Falcon Fan Non-Biased Falcon Fan . 2 weeks ago
I'm from North Georgia so I switch up the lyrics when he says "Maybe she'd fall for a boy from South Georgia" lol
Rose Cox Rose Cox . 2 weeks ago
This song has been one of my new favorites. Its just so good I love it so much.
Leigh Grossman Leigh Grossman . 2 weeks ago
What a unique sequel twist. I absolutely love this song!
Christal Gill Christal Gill . 2 weeks ago
Love this. Grew up on 90s country. This is one of my favorites. From one of my favorite females of the 90s.
Firstplaceloser Firstplaceloser . 2 weeks ago
Such a good song but if you really listen to it the beat and words don’t go together lmao
Jeff Johnson Jr Jeff Johnson Jr . 2 weeks ago
Great song
Vincent Whitcomb Vincent Whitcomb . 2 weeks ago
James Burns James Burns . 2 weeks ago
Absolute banger! Listening from down under ( Australia )
Vicky S Vicky S . 2 weeks ago
This song has been on repeat 🔥
Charles Oden Charles Oden . 2 weeks ago
I love country music, from Ernest Tubb to Eric Church, and i really lile Cole Swindell but this is the corniest shit ive ever heard. Too much
Robert Davidson Robert Davidson . 2 weeks ago
This popped up on Youtube for me, yesterday. I haven't heard this on the radio at all, and I can't figure out why. This is an amazing song, and I totally picture Jo Dee and Cole doing a duet.
I love God I love God . 2 weeks ago
You and Luke combs read my phone only modern country singers that don’t release a single song that I don’t like
Rainbow Gaming Rainbow Gaming . 2 weeks ago
I am 14 years old I can't remember how or when I found this song but I am so glad I did because both this song and heads Carolina and tails California are great songs I just wish the rest of my family could or would appreciate them as being the only country fan in pretty much my whole family sucks.

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