Play / Download 'Fancy Like' singer Walker Hayes says Oreo Shake back at Applebee's after song goes viral on TikTok
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WGN News

WGN News

Published on 12 months ago

Country star Walker Hayes joins WGN Morning News to talk about his viral TikTok dance trend and the story behind it.

Brion Dell Brion Dell . 6 days ago
I. Love. You. So. Much. We. Are. So. Happy. Is. It. HOT. That
Bonnie Schultz Bonnie Schultz . 1 week ago
Mary Rodwanski Mary Rodwanski . 1 week ago
U are great
Mark Krieg Mark Krieg . 1 week ago
Wish we had a Applebee's here in Hawaii.
Many good stores went by the way side by coming here.
Trying to get White Castle but I think I can get Mount Rushmore to move 1 foot before that happens.
Corinne Riegler Corinne Riegler . 3 weeks ago
Family fun!
sports kid sports kid . 3 weeks ago
Linda Ackles Linda Ackles . 4 weeks ago
I want to learn how to dance to this song
Dianne Benson Dianne Benson . 4 weeks ago
I just learned your song I play it over and over again until I learned it so yeah I love it
Janice Sheppard Janice Sheppard . 4 weeks ago
I love him he cool .and his daughter
Dennis Gum Dennis Gum . 1 month ago
I'm a big fan
Tonya Grant Tonya Grant . 1 month ago
So glad he has up and dancing lt’s so much fun to watch because you and danghter are havin so much Better and the girls 👧 be here in
fun doing This TogeTher we really need This at this hard time in our li
Blueberry ☆*゚🫐 Blueberry ☆*゚🫐 . 2 months ago
Amazing p
Clifford Sponaugle Clifford Sponaugle . 2 months ago
Gas money
Julie Erard Julie Erard . 2 months ago
We love you Walker Hayes!!! Adopt me!!!
Glamgirl123 Glamgirl123 . 2 months ago
Justice Bullock Justice Bullock . 2 months ago
I love this song
Stanley James Stanley James . 2 months ago
Lol, I'd rather he send his daughter to the mall & he put on a thong & dance to that song just for me 😘🔥💪🥰 Hot Daddy 🥵
Stanley James Stanley James . 2 months ago
Damn he's fine ❤️
Haddie Clair Haddie Clair . 2 months ago
Fancy like Applebee’s on a date night go to boom to save a Oreo shake is a real cream or a job to do usual one shot girl got you boo do you and Maddie and it’s diphones was speaking in the tractor all the way from seven
Thetruththetruth Thetruththetruth . 2 months ago
They did even make up the dance that's a Black dance That they copied.
Ashley Howard Ashley Howard . 2 months ago
I love you walker hayes!!!!!
Joshua Lefever Joshua Lefever . 2 months ago
Haddie Clair Haddie Clair . 2 months ago
I like it too much and it look good on the picture of you too
Haddie Clair Haddie Clair . 2 months ago
I Like it very much Applebee’s on a date night can you bring me to say with a Oreo shake whipped cream adopting two stores one shot good I got you boo do you like Maddie in the Styrofoam so swinging in the jungle all right so is it is it whoever would you really do fancy like
Haddie Clair Haddie Clair . 2 months ago
I like it very much
Rogers! Rogers! . 3 months ago
i love fancy like i sing it at school
Phyllis Gill Phyllis Gill . 3 months ago
I love is song
Barbara Holbrook Barbara Holbrook . 3 months ago
Knell m all z LMK Yzerman
Renay & Rhia Onyons Renay & Rhia Onyons . 3 months ago
We learnt this for w school dance 😂
Hilda Dun Hilda Dun . 3 months ago
I love walk hay
Jaleyah Dorsett Jaleyah Dorsett . 3 months ago
Keith Hinkal Keith Hinkal . 3 months ago
lol god lol god . 3 months ago
Bro i've heard this song *way* too much at work
Janice Donovan Janice Donovan . 3 months ago
Do you know where cascade IA is? My grandma and Mother would love to learn the dance with your daughter please Contact me my grandma said you can stay with her
シWeeb ت シWeeb ت . 3 months ago
Me and my teacher love this song🥰
jj sara gang jj sara gang . 3 months ago
SARA Farid
Kay Robinson Kay Robinson . 3 months ago
Such a fun video Walker best wishes to you all, we have 7 grandchildren 6 here 1 in heaven, so precious. Love to you all Kay. X
Navy Dad Navy Dad . 3 months ago
Nice skinny jeans 🤣🤣🤣
Becky Wallen Becky Wallen . 3 months ago
I love this song
Lane Carter Lane Carter . 3 months ago
MAMA BURR MAMA BURR . 4 months ago
Your gift will make room for you..You are so talented..Love your voice and dancing..Thank you ..
a btf a btf . 4 months ago
Anh đức phúc hát hay quá 😍😍❤❤
Classic Films Classic Films . 4 months ago
Chỉ cần Đức Phúc hát ballad thì dù buồn hay vui ĐP cũng truyền tải cảm xúc của bài hát rất tốt. Bài buồn thì nghe đúng kiểu tự sự, đau khổ, nghe là muốn khóc. Còn bài vui thì lại nhẹ nhàng, ấm áp, chân thành nghe là muốn yêu❤️
Robin Bohnert Robin Bohnert . 4 months ago
Before you go helping happy
Felicia Pepper Felicia Pepper . 4 months ago
I love you
Sarah Hendricks Sarah Hendricks . 4 months ago
alvaro del cerro alvaro del cerro . 4 months ago
Thật sự là mình rất thích âm nhạc những năm trước đây hơn là những bài hát hot hit hiện giờ. Kèm theo giọng hát của Đức Phúc thì ôi trời siêu hay luôn
Jimmy Cannon Jimmy Cannon . 4 months ago
I love this song
Myat Htoo Myat Htoo . 4 months ago
dad and his daughter dancing to a lovely tune!!! it always makes smile and happy!!! unlike Will Smith!!!! makes me cringe and vomit!!!
Estrella Miranda Estrella Miranda . 5 months ago
Hello hola

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