Play / Download The Killers - Always On My Mind (ft. Pet Shop Boys) (Glastonbury 2019)
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BBC Music

BBC Music

Published on 3 years ago

The Killers are joined by Pet Shop Boys to perform Always On My Mind at Glastonbury 2019.

Guidance: Contains Flashing Images.

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RedEyeBuck RedEyeBuck . 23 hours ago
This is great!
Thisara Jayawardana Thisara Jayawardana . 1 day ago
2022 ❀ from πŸ‡±πŸ‡°
Susan Leatherbarrow Susan Leatherbarrow . 6 days ago
Neil looks great and having the time of his life, as does Brandon! Voice is awesome too.
Benny Lloyd-Willner Benny Lloyd-Willner . 6 days ago
Great performance! It's a bit weird tho, that the sound is what it is when this is an original BBC channel. Surely they could have done a better job?
Brielle Brielle . 2 weeks ago
Wow!!! I can’t believe I have never seen this! My brother introduced me to the PSB 25 years ago. Their influence has no age agenda!
Andy Cotterill Andy Cotterill . 2 weeks ago
I would have lost my shit had I been there when this happened!
Uddingston Community Action Team Uddingston Community Action Team . 2 weeks ago
Collor Acosta Collor Acosta . 3 weeks ago
I saw The Pet Shop Boys live a good 10 years ago and they were amazing. Such great performers and kind people. Love them.
Roser Dalan Roser Dalan . 3 weeks ago
Sally Fletcher Sally Fletcher . 3 weeks ago
Absolutely brilliant! I've got goosebumps!! πŸ˜…
Jeff Stephenson Jeff Stephenson . 4 weeks ago
Peak World.
T.J Hooker T.J Hooker . 4 weeks ago
You had to of lived the 80s to
T.J Hooker T.J Hooker . 4 weeks ago
Still got the pipes
Elizabeth Elizabeth . 1 month ago
Goosebumps moment
Planes & Trains Planes & Trains . 1 month ago
2019 still feels like yesterday
The Song Factory The Song Factory . 1 month ago
Should have been the headline act instead of the walking dead!
mike mike . 1 month ago
Epic β™‘
Josue David Josue David . 1 month ago
I’m literally screaming ! Of joy !
Talfinson Talfinson . 1 month ago
La voz intacta!!!
Monts Perez Monts Perez . 1 month ago
My good! Just incredible, I got goose bumps! Pet Shop Boys and The Killers together, it's simply amazing!
Jon Halliday Jon Halliday . 2 months ago
I was at this, was absolutely perfect.
rickymcn1 rickymcn1 . 2 months ago
Killers proving they are more British than the British band they are performing with lol
Cristina Coro Cristina Coro . 2 months ago
Sanda Aranicki Sanda Aranicki . 2 months ago
albertodf1234 albertodf1234 . 2 months ago
Reinvented Modeller Reinvented Modeller . 2 months ago
Game of Bingo down the old folk's home later, with Tom Cruise and the Alice in wonderland Mad Hatter, anyone?
shalaskaLuna shalaskaLuna . 2 months ago
The Killers / The Pet shop Boys, you're always on my mind 😍😍😍😍😍
Guido D'Arrigo Guido D'Arrigo . 2 months ago
This is simply epic
Jim Fogelqvist Jim Fogelqvist . 2 months ago
Wow. Just wow.
Pyramid and the all seeing eye.Ooerr sounds a bit gay.
Nikki1976 Miller Nikki1976 Miller . 2 months ago
Is this song suppose to make you cry?? It's that good and it makes me cry. So much power in those lyrics
Lee C Lee C . 2 months ago
Awesome version. Elvis broughtt me here . FACT
Ernesto Aicardi Ernesto Aicardi . 2 months ago
Me encanta como ellos se aprecian mutuamente, pues varias veces han compartido escenario!!!
MaximumTorc11 MaximumTorc11 . 2 months ago
A pop legend out there on stage in a raincoat. Awesome.
Garry Shepherd(Shep) Garry Shepherd(Shep) . 2 months ago
Love this!‘ 🎢 🎡
Anita Mrohs Anita Mrohs . 2 months ago
liviu draghici liviu draghici . 3 months ago
Laura Durango Laura Durango . 3 months ago
wow me encanta
Mauro M. Mauro M. . 3 months ago
AndrΓ©s Daniel AndrΓ©s Daniel . 3 months ago
Espectacular 😍😍😍😍😍😍
jamie foyers jamie foyers . 3 months ago
It's not often you get the men duetting. Good version but shame on the Pet Shop Boys for not signing autographs for their fans in case "they catch Covid from touching pens and pencils" as I was reading the other day!. SERIOUSLY guys?!. Get a backbone!.
bill dit bill dit . 3 months ago
mikewarden57 mikewarden57 . 3 months ago
The audience were really enjoying themselves!
Stephen Lisson Stephen Lisson . 4 months ago
I love this song. I'm 66 years young now and my son got me hooked on The Killers. I've always been a big fan of The Pet Shop Boys and I got my son hooked on all the 80's bands I love. My son, my wife and myself are going to see the Pet Shop Boys along with New Order in September of this year. We can't wait.
Tatjana Maksimova Tatjana Maksimova . 4 months ago
No one can beat Neil, he is a legend, amazing voice always life, respect boys for some many years. Love you to bits❀️❀️❀️
John Landis John Landis . 4 months ago
Though i've heard "neverending story" by Lihmal :)
R Martinez A R Martinez A . 4 months ago
OMG! Just found this! Love it!!!!!
Lori Cristea Lori Cristea . 4 months ago
πŸ‘πŸ’πŸ’– LOVE You guys. Super MUSIC!!!!πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
Nefasto Nefasto . 4 months ago

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