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Published on 2 years ago

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SlimShaney SlimShaney . 4 days ago
wanna trade in f150 for a rado Wallen life
sounthern country girl🤠 sounthern country girl🤠 . 7 days ago
Love dangerous the double album morgan...Also absolutely love all your music you r my favorite country singer u sound so good love all your concerts also they r soooo awesome🥰🤠🌻🌼🌵
The Best Country Music Playlist The Best Country Music Playlist . 1 week ago
Their is something about Country Music that gives you that feeling of a chill moving up and down your spine.
Longshot Diedtired Longshot Diedtired . 1 week ago
Just watched his video ( my name ) he looked like a Hanson 🤣
Joe revord Joe revord . 1 week ago
I dont think morgan is capable of singing a bad song
jimmy pierce jimmy pierce . 2 weeks ago
Not selling my Silverado bought new in 2004 still going strong.Great song
Mildred R Harmon Mildred R Harmon . 2 weeks ago
My son bought one for him and his dad to work on, if we can get ahead enough to start on it!!! 🥰🙏🏼❤️🙌🏼
john davis john davis . 2 weeks ago
Morgan, please pretty please open for the CHURCH man. make it happen man
O Mago da AirFryer O Mago da AirFryer . 2 weeks ago
country boy country boy . 3 weeks ago
Love this song, it’s decribes me. I drive a Chevy and and there is a girl that has been wanting to see me. She is my friends friend and I am feeling depressed that I wasn’t able to go see her last weekend because I been working all day 7 days a week. Im taking off work to go this weekend. I feel like I can’t work and can’t stop thinking about her
Violet McGuire Violet McGuire . 3 weeks ago
This song reminds me of me!! I had a short bed Jeep sport truck and believe me I spent a lot of nites looking at the stars above 🤭👢🤠💜☘️
Cathy Clear Cathy Clear . 3 weeks ago
Look up! Jesus is coming so very soon!
Joe mikha Joe mikha . 3 weeks ago
Call me young and naïve but…

When I was 18, I was able to purchase (with the help of my dad) a brand new f150. I remember the day like it was yesterday. I had recently gotten into a car accident in my dads bmw, though it wasn’t my fault he didn’t want me getting a sports car even though I was dying for one, my parents were worried that if I were to ever get into another car accident in a sports car, I wouldn’t be as lucky as I was this time(left the wreck with only a few cuts and bruises.) I didn’t want a truck because it wasn’t something I was ever interested in, even though I live in East county San Diego where everyone and their mother drives a truck because of the plentiful dirt and gravel roads. However, my parents were helping me by letting me use their credit and such so I was absolutely not going to argue about what type of new car I was getting. I settled on a F150 Stx supercrew cab 4x4 with a 3.5 ecoboost 6. As the days went on I started loving every last bit of that truck, up until I swore to myself that I’d keep the truck until the wheels fell off. I could never go back to a sedan or coupe or any sort of luxury sports bullshit car that they offer. Having a truck is absolutely life changing. Once you have one, it’ll never feel right going back to anything else. A couple years later I met this girl through a friend and let me tell you, my heart sunk when I first saw her, she was the prettiest thing I’d ever witnessed with my eyes. I built up the courage to ask her out on a date and the feeling that I got when she told me that she was waiting for me to ask was a feeling that I had never felt before. We stayed together for a few years and I literally wanted to lay the world at her feet. One day however, her and her family couldn’t take living in California any longer so they had to make the choice to move to Austin. I knew I wanted to marry this girl but the stress was building on her from work to buying the house in Austin. We started getting into petty arguments but in my head I knew she was stressed. The head butting lasted for a few months but I knew I wanted to marry her and that she was just overwhelmed with her current situation. As a student I didn’t have much but by this point my truck was paid off and worth a cool 40k, I knew I needed to do something and do something fast, though I was still in school and not ready for marriage I decided that it was in my best interest to get her a promise ring and plan on an engagement ring the following year. We were still butting heads but ofc I still loved her more than anything. I sold my truck, bought a promise ring and with the money I was saving on gas (about 1500-2k a month) I thought it would be an alright decision to finance a Tesla 3. And so I did. Seeing my truck go was like seeing my best friend go. I went through so much with my truck. That truck never let me down. I could’ve swore it could’ve taken me to hell and back. But I had to make a tough decision. After two months of owning the Tesla, she wanted a break so that she could “manage the stress” come to find out that she was hanging out with her ex. Moral of the story, don’t sell your truck for her unless you know for a fact that what you got is worth your best friend because at the end of the day, your truck is your most loyal friend.
jayda pappas jayda pappas . 3 weeks ago
Kristina Renee Kristina Renee . 3 weeks ago
My favorite by far. God I love his voice. He could sing the phone book. But this one is somehow my top 3.
James Carnaghi James Carnaghi . 4 weeks ago
Don't know who your right hand is in most of your songs, but he's your Mike Davis to Dale Jr! So good
robert weaver robert weaver . 4 weeks ago
And is there any
Cornfield Cornfield . 1 month ago
Anyone ever told you should stay by the live sessions and express good ole Tennessee hopefully I'm not the first good ole country boy to tell you this
Saving Country music one song at a time................
Ryan Heyn Ryan Heyn . 1 month ago
I got a dodge but I get it . All your new stuff is amazing my fellow guy!
Jordan Pearce Jordan Pearce . 1 month ago
Hey Morgan Mullen you wanna come down to Otis and play songs with my dad if you want to we could you could come over if you want to do not sae any cases Morgan what else
Solowind Solowind . 1 month ago
If you're looking for a new truck Tim McGraw posted his for $7,500 OBO. And if Tim's doesn't work out take a look at Dylan Scott's. He's selling his too.
Momog4329 Momog4329 . 1 month ago
Morgan do me a favor keep it real and don't ever change the way you write songs your the best I don't give a dam what anybody saids just keep it real and keep being you 😊😊😊😊❤❤❤
brandon Salas brandon Salas . 1 month ago
I GOT A SILVERADO NOT FOOOOOOOR SALEEEEE my Silverado made me have so many memories no one will ever say that in a pos dodge or ford..
Becky Rooker Becky Rooker . 1 month ago
Got 2. Silverado been there done that. I would go back if I could
Bonnie Klimcsak Bonnie Klimcsak . 2 months ago
Very sweet and romantic song
BaNe BRoAd BaNe BRoAd . 2 months ago
I'm a Ford guy. But damn this song is perfect
Jpluck09 Jpluck09 . 2 months ago
Them lyrics get me everytime man.
Joanna Seymour Joanna Seymour . 2 months ago
Best album ever! All I listen to, always on repeat! Love you Morgan! Always stay you! ❤️
Brooklin Funkproject Brooklin Funkproject . 2 months ago
A Life of memories I always wanted.... I have the music
jayda pappas jayda pappas . 2 months ago
I like to sang this by my shelf.
Marella Bauer Marella Bauer . 2 months ago
I'd like to buy that truck
Richard Mcdonagh Richard Mcdonagh . 2 months ago
A talented American friend introduced me to amazing song god bless James an amazing talented man
Debbie Brown Debbie Brown . 2 months ago
Been listening to this amazing man every day for the last 3 years, wish he would reschedule his UK tour, I would go to every show
Rebecca Bowen Rebecca Bowen . 2 months ago
❤️ My favorite! It reminds me of my oldest son…now happily married to the prettiest girl in town. ❤️
Bryant Brantley Bryant Brantley . 2 months ago
Have to sell my first truck here soon. 2002 4wd. Gut wrenching
Cindy Miller Cindy Miller . 2 months ago
I liked Ford till I drove a Chevy!!! I love my Silverado and I love Morgan. When Morgan sings it makes me smile ear to ear tooooo!!!
Ronnie Johnson Ronnie Johnson . 2 months ago
1st truck I owned was 72 F150 Ford, great Song, by a Great Singer, Country Music is in good Hands.
xg1027 xg1027 . 2 months ago
Don’t let them cancel culture, don’t let them bully us. Let’s support Morgan and support what we believe
Philipdgdgdgdtdo Foote Philipdgdgdgdtdo Foote . 2 months ago
jayda pappas jayda pappas . 2 months ago
I love that song
jayda pappas jayda pappas . 2 months ago
I like you
BaNe BRoAd BaNe BRoAd . 2 months ago
Love this song but I'm glad he's selling his Silverado cuz Ford 150 is where it's at
BaNe BRoAd BaNe BRoAd . 2 months ago
Can't get enuff of Morgan's music. It's insane. I'm signing it at work I wake up with it in my head. Get home n have beer 🍺 and put his music on. I just freaking love it.
John Jones John Jones . 2 months ago
Me and my dad have always been so close. I remember the day he bought his 1986 Chevy Silverado 4x4 350 1500. Me and him have had so many memories in that Ole truck. Plowing snow men, riding around, there was almost no where that truck wouldn't go it was a beast. Well he didnt drive it too often. Well after maybe a year or 2 of having it the transmission went out and we barely made it home in 4 low the whole way. My dad was tore all to pieces and so was I. Ive seen so many that look just like it and it brings back so many memories..
Camilo Espinazo Camilo Espinazo . 2 months ago
This song reminds me of the last great American dynasty by Taylor swift, I think it's amazing how you can tell a story through and object, in her song the thing is a house.
I personally think it's really creative and Interesting
RabbleRob! RabbleRob! . 2 months ago
Great song.
rc wheels rc wheels . 2 months ago
Can I buy your silverado 😆👍
Eric Eric . 2 months ago
my dad just passed away in Feb he left me his 04 Silverado 4x4 awesome song
Robby Lynch Robby Lynch . 2 months ago
Every real man has sold his truck for the wife or kids

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