Play / Download 9/27/21 - Walker Hayes “AA” *NEW SONG FIRST TIME LIVE*
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Published on 10 months ago

River Spirit Casino
September 27, 2021
Tulsa, OK

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Kathy Gerrard Kathy Gerrard . 2 weeks ago
Leandro Franco Leandro Franco . 3 weeks ago
Essa música é Top D++++…Se um dia vier por aqui no Brasil, quero levar minha filha e dançar MUUUITO com ela junto de sua família!Afinal, divertir em FAMÍLIA é uma BENÇÃO!!!Pode nos convidar que vamos!!!SUCESSO PARCEIRO!!!
Mike Mangieri Mike Mangieri . 3 weeks ago
Best song ever
Swain Shari Swain Shari . 4 weeks ago
Hell yeah!
cindr78 cindr78 . 1 month ago
Love this raw version! Great song!!
Kathy Cowan Kathy Cowan . 1 month ago
He's so cute and beautiful voice. Down to earth family ❤️
Shannon Jarvis Shannon Jarvis . 3 months ago
Who is nick saber
Rex Hargrove Rex Hargrove . 3 months ago
And that is how that is done!
Bridgette Brinegar Bridgette Brinegar . 3 months ago
Great song I can relate
Dan Wanger Dan Wanger . 3 months ago
Walker Co-Wrote a awesome song
Love this song!!!!
Swain Shari Swain Shari . 3 months ago
Been there, felt that. This man is for real. I can't wait to see him grow into what he will be. I promise you that.
suzanne king suzanne king . 3 months ago
Walker Hayes, YOU ARE THE BEST!! That simple! ABSOLUTELY THE BEST!! And your family, too!! Thanks for being so entertaining 🌟🌟🌟
A. Davis A. Davis . 3 months ago
this dude is awful
Cecilia Hink Cecilia Hink . 3 months ago
Bryon Harrison Bryon Harrison . 3 months ago
Animated Ant Animated Ant . 3 months ago
The fact that the crowd was starting to sing along means this shit is catchy af. First time revealing the song and they're singing along by the end. Nice👌
Guns & Grills Guns & Grills . 3 months ago
Black beards flag my man!
seemego2150 seemego2150 . 4 months ago
This one has to be on repeat every time I play it
kamuran kokoğlu kamuran kokoğlu . 4 months ago
Đầu nè
Debra Shriner Debra Shriner . 4 months ago
Addiction is not a joke!!!
Debra Shriner Debra Shriner . 4 months ago
Hey I'm In AA 10 years 6 months and 3 days Sober
Jerry Bridges Jerry Bridges . 4 months ago
Freaking incredible song
faye walker faye walker . 4 months ago
Crystal NATISHA Madison Hayden S,
faye walker faye walker . 4 months ago
Ellie Stell Ellie Stell . 4 months ago
Love it
Joan Wilson Joan Wilson . 4 months ago
I just love this song every time it comes on the radio I TURN IT UP!! we do love our ALABAMA and you gotta appreciate AA ❤
Kristene Gilbert Kristene Gilbert . 4 months ago
Love all your songs, but this has to be my favorite so far. ♥️🥰
Colton Blumhagen Colton Blumhagen . 4 months ago
This feels like one of those songs that shouldn't leave the songwriter's circle. Similar to "since his penis came between us" by john hiatt
Willy McPeters Willy McPeters . 4 months ago
This is the worst excuse for a musician that you will ever find in this world and galaxy
Sharon Chandler Sharon Chandler . 4 months ago
Call me waker hays
JL Seay JL Seay . 4 months ago
Love this guy and this song is gold
Ron Rivet Ron Rivet . 4 months ago
Connie Brandt Connie Brandt . 4 months ago
Walker Hayes
Grace Flores Grace Flores . 4 months ago
He sounds even better live!
Joe Hunt Joe Hunt . 4 months ago
This guy wouldn’t know what singing on key was if it slapped him in the head.
Gloria Wagner Gloria Wagner . 4 months ago
Love all your Songs you are a Awesome Singer. 🙏❤🙏❤❤❤❤
Mary Meeks Mary Meeks . 4 months ago
His tunes are catchy and humorous and just plain fun.!
David Hockemeier David Hockemeier . 4 months ago
Shelley Jordan Shelley Jordan . 4 months ago
Love his lyrics.
Angie Engle Angie Engle . 5 months ago
Right now we all need a drink with this year ... It's all going to hell. Lol
tbirdsfast altoona fan tbirdsfast altoona fan . 5 months ago
Walker Hayes and Family are so refreshing. The way him and his wife Laney look at each other, and she smiles. Then the children. All 6 of them go on tour with him, plus the 2 dogs!
Remy LeBeau Remy LeBeau . 5 months ago
I love this song! Wishing you many many more!!
Southwest Barrels Southwest Barrels . 5 months ago
I love this song. Need to learn how to play it.
koolGems koolGems . 6 months ago
Love him. ❤ his family ♥️ the way he is with them. ♥️ his tunes
Fernando Commando Fernando Commando . 6 months ago
I knew I needed AA all along finally my sponsors the judge and attorney sent me to AA best thing that has ever happened to me!
Sobriety Rocks in my life.
Live and let live!
First things First!
Think think think!
One day at a time!
A and my life saving mantra,
Easy does it!!
Rae Dowd Rae Dowd . 6 months ago
that is why I have Fancy like as my ringtone on my phone absolutely love this guy he is so natural and awesome beautiful family as well ....
Scott Brrryhill Scott Brrryhill . 6 months ago
Love that song and I love fancy like
diemortal diemortal . 6 months ago
Listen to the chorus At x2
Marsha Gorves Marsha Gorves . 6 months ago
Love it my man
Adelissa Hunsley Adelissa Hunsley . 6 months ago
I was raised on country but haven't listened in a few years (not a huge fan of the new sound) but I was listening to something, not sure who it was, on Spotify, one of their "stations" and briefcase came on. Such a sweet and heartbreakingly true song about how much should you sacrifice of yourself to be a good parent and when do you follow your own dreams.

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