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Sky News

Sky News

Published on 2 weeks ago

Retired Air-Vice Marshal Sean Bell speaks to Sky News about the growing tensions between China and Taiwan.

#Taiwan #China #Pelosi

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Ted Wang Ted Wang . 54 minutes ago
Taiwan’s reunification must be accomplished.It’s will of 1.4 bln Chinese people.
Doo Doo Clowney Doo Doo Clowney . 1 hour ago
I wish the U.S. media would cover stories such as these. Instead, our media is more concerned with Lebron James and his Taco Tuesday's.
Victor Teo Victor Teo . 14 hours ago
Of course not. Reunification is not invasion.
Morgan Rosse Morgan Rosse . 1 day ago
The guest did mention that "Ukraine is a sovereign nation whereas Taiwan is not recognised as such." This is factually true!
Morgan Rosse Morgan Rosse . 1 day ago
The guest said many wrong piece of information. For example, he said "since the WWII, Taiwan enjoyed the independence", which is literally wrong. After the WWII China received Taiwan from Japan in 1945. The ruling party of China, KMT, escaped to Taiwan from mainland China after it was beaten by CCP, but still Taiwan has been a part of China since WWII. Even today, the official nation in Taiwan is Republic of China. Taiwan is never an independent country.
فراشه فراشه . 1 day ago
الاجتماع ✍🏼🇨🇳✈️سننجز نجاحنا قبله 🗞️ ✍🏼 والريس ش يحتفل هناك بنجاح الصين
فراشه فراشه . 1 day ago
الوفد سيمنع أي توتر ومن الممكن ...دخول تايوان ✈️✍🏼 بتعاملات افضل مع بلدهم الام ✍🏼🇨🇳🗞️وسنري معا ✌🏻 إن كانت واشنطن وبلوسي ستحترم مخاوفنا ام لا
فراشه فراشه . 1 day ago
الوارد من التحركات والكونجرس ان هناك وفد اخر الي الجزيره ولكن ✍🏼🗞️المره دي مختلفه ليس لصالح تايوان الوفد .....ااابدأ ....اعرف من درجه احتياجاتهم .....لتعاون مع جمهوريه الصين ✍🏼✌🏻🇺🇲 وأنهم قفزوا فرحا من طرحي لهم .....أننا نحاول رجوع تعاملات الشركات الممتنعه عن نيويورك ...من جمهوريه الصين ✍🏼🇨🇳
فراشه فراشه . 1 day ago
ودع من ينفصل ...يعرض لنا كييف يتحدنا
فراشه فراشه . 1 day ago
نحن نظهر باعلي همه أمام تايوان ✈️ ومن ينفصل عنا ونكون بقمه كسب التعاملات مع واشنطن ✍🏼 وأناقه بالتعامل ....ورابطه العنق لنا مميزه ....وتلمع من الفخامه ....🗞️😘💜🎉
فراشه فراشه . 1 day ago
نستعد لاجتماع وزيارت الرايس ش ج بنج ✍🏼🇸🇦ولا مانع من الحرص علي كسب تعاملات افضل لكم ✍🏼 مع واااشنطن .....حتي لا نقابل،اي توتر من تايوان ✈️.... بأي توتر وان هناك جانب وأمور متوتره لنا مع واشنطن .. وتستحق مقاطعه انفصالين تايوان لجمهوريه الصين ✍🏼🇨🇳
Carewolf Carewolf . 2 days ago
Wow that was amazingly wrong..
Christopher Choo Christopher Choo . 2 days ago
(#drehimen is really a God sent unknowingly to the World. for the herbs in getting rid of herpes virus and other diseases(STDs).
فراشه فراشه . 2 days ago
نعم لكم ✍🏼🇨🇳 ستكون الامور علي الأرجح بوضع جيد 🎉🦋🗞️
فراشه فراشه . 2 days ago
هل هناك قبول محادثات مع واشنطن ✍🏼 بزياره الرايس ش ج بنج ✍🏼🇨🇳✈️🗞️🇸🇦الوزير يسأل 🇺🇲✋🏼 ونريد الايجابيه
فراشه فراشه . 2 days ago
اعتقد ان هذا كان بتايلاندا
looptotoy looptotoy . 2 days ago
Andres Celi Andres Celi . 3 days ago
China can whipped Taiwan In a blink of an eye
Dirk Karmel Dirk Karmel . 3 days ago
Why would Taiwan face attack by China ?

In best interest of both countries,
to be allies.
周瑜 周瑜 . 3 days ago
202X China invade Taiwan tactics Simulation-Helicopter
周瑜 周瑜 . 3 days ago
202X China invade Taiwan tactics Simulation-Landing craft
W S W S . 3 days ago
Taiwan is a part of China.
狗蛋 狗蛋 . 3 days ago
Oh, we have to know that Taiwan is not a sovereign state.Decades ago, the Kuomintang went to war with the Chinese Communist Party.The Kuomintang lost.But the Chinese Communists gave the Kuomintang a way to live, and they let the Kuomintang go to Taiwan.So, in fact, the problem between China and Taiwan was triggered by the war between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party.This is nothing more than a civil war in China. I don't think the West has the right to interfere.
TC691 Kiing TC691 Kiing . 3 days ago
It makes sense potentially China will dominates the semiconductor market in near future. And it makes no sense for China to invade their own provice by military.
Orange Pumpkin Orange Pumpkin . 4 days ago
Not… Even with help from the US. Their best weapon right now is $$$ -> Xi Jinping
mike blue galindez mike blue galindez . 4 days ago
for what it's worth .... they may win taiwan but they will loose the whole china will be divided by 15 countries in there borders and with in
mike blue galindez mike blue galindez . 4 days ago
will they still have a country after the war or just reduced to beijing
mike blue galindez mike blue galindez . 4 days ago
the question should be .... can china handle multiple invasion along there borders if they go to war with taiwan
rudestrudedog rudestrudedog . 4 days ago
China has the biggest navy.... Of floating junk. Pun intended.
Mister Hill Mister Hill . 4 days ago
What a drivel.
There is no war between China and Taiwan.
Crazy stupid Biden told Pelosi to visit Taiwan. He wants war with China.
This network is owned by Rupert Murdoch, a Sinophobe.
Angel Angel Angel Angel . 4 days ago
Your westerners will never understand the Chinese culture and long history of the unification of the country is the core interest, and paramount goal from the highest leader to the normal citizen, it is flowing in our blood and DNA. The fear to cession and split of country will trigger the nightmare of brutal invasion of enemy, and national humiliation of the Chinese people. If the CCP lost Taiwan, they will lost mandate of ruling China. So the reunification of Taiwan is not merly ambition of Xi Jinpin, nor the party, is the goal of the whole Chinese people, if not 100%, at least 95%+ of us.
ENG NEWS ENG NEWS . 5 days ago
!Chinese lOST WITH ONLY WORDS OF MOUTH without meaningful millitery means...... SOFT as usual!!!
!To US ,Ch is paper tiger!!US will interpret on One China Policy ON ITS OWN and continue PRESSING Ch!!!
!CH continue to hold on to huge MOUNT of the US TREASUY bond and help strengthen the TAIWAN` S economy!!!
!IT, indirectly inject more money and more resource to the US military industry weapon buildup and lobbying in US Congress against Chinese !!!
!Why is China's 1,000 tons of gold stored in a bank in the United States?
ENG NEWS ENG NEWS . 5 days ago
Chinese lOST WITH ONLY WORDS OF MOUTH without meaningful millitery means...... SOFT as usual!!
To US ,Ch is paper tiger!!US will interpret on One China Policy ON ITS OWN and continue PRESSING Ch!!
CH continue to hold on to huge MOUNT the US TREASUY BILL and help strengthen TAIWAN` S economy!!
IT, indirectly inject more more money to US military industry to have more resource for US weapon buildup against CH!!!
Why is China's 1,000 tons of gold stored in a bank in the United States?
CCW CCW . 5 days ago
Its really strange. Is everybody aware that every country in the world recognises that Taiwan is part of China? So whats the issue? Why are we getting involved. The China should dominate the region its their country.
ENG NEWS ENG NEWS . 5 days ago
First Principles Thinker First Principles Thinker . 5 days ago
Taiwan alone of course is unable to fight off China. The problem is USA. Its in USA's interest that TW not be under China because if that happens, Japan and SKorea, USA allies, also will be in trouble since TW becomes a China defence and control the Taiwan straits. So the problem is USA appears to be weaker than 10 years ago and this makes people lose confidence in USA ability to lead the world. The weapons needed by TW is always not given by USA for some reason. Its like Ukraine situation. Whatever the reason, USA has not been handling the China-TW issues well. Clearly USA is not the Reagan days USA. Within USA, the gun issues shows how poorly managed USA is. The political system of USA is also too corrupt . All this makes people around the world lack confidence in democracy and USA
Max Max . 5 days ago
Invision is the wrong word. Try blockad
Mario Pastorini Mario Pastorini . 5 days ago
No chance to be honest...
Susan Reid Susan Reid . 5 days ago
Taiwan is part of China as Jimmy Carter have said over American TV years ago. Sky News view is very much saying Scotland tensions: Could Scotland defend itself against England?
l p l p . 5 days ago
What a stupied topic it is. There is always and only one China in this world, why China would defend itself?
Goran Prvulj Goran Prvulj . 6 days ago
I an I an . 6 days ago
End the CCP
Whye Chin Tan Whye Chin Tan . 6 days ago
What are having maybe something warm and soft and cuddly🤩
Madscrapy Madscrapy . 6 days ago
China have alot of cannon fodder that's all their bullying tactics will go in vain and each one person who ill fight with heart for their homland is worth 10,000 Chinese fodder
neil duncan neil duncan . 6 days ago
War creates money and money creates chaos. Wars have and will continue to happen for that exact reason. Peace is only ever relative in any situation. All it takes is a potential cash cow to be created or noticed and boom its game time for warmongers. They use any excuse for war. People who love anarchy. It's been happening since the dawn of man. So, in that case nothing will change.
Archie Lea Archie Lea . 6 days ago
To Taiwanese people and Taiwanese President and soldiers and volunteers and Ukraine as well as The Quad and NATO and British people and friends and allies and India and Japan and South Korea and America and friends and allies and Philippines and Malaysia and Singapore and all Nations in the Indo Pacific's region Says IAM who Iam Amen and amen Having done all stand Stand
Mike Liu Mike Liu . 6 days ago
With the aid of great Australia, Taiwan can. 😂

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