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Published on 3 weeks ago

Occurred on June 27, 2022 / Ft Pierce, Florida, USA

I’m Trawler Tom, I was going down the waterway in fort pierce Florida at 4 AM. I heard someone yelling for help, assign a spotlight into the water, and saw someone floating I turned around and threw a lifeline. Pulled him into the boat and dropped him off at a dock about an hour later. I’ve posted a couple of videos on my TikTok explaining everything. Davey the guy I rescued and I are now starting a business to raise boating awareness and safety.

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MAK-1 MAK-1 . 50 minutes ago
he has either...
A... seen and heard things we cant comprehend
B... is drunk
Cassie Blackmoore Cassie Blackmoore . 7 hours ago
Omg ur a hero. That guyŋbb6
Andre Brown Andre Brown . 7 hours ago
At the end he says I think I was gunna make damn dude better count your blessings
Hangry Hangry . 11 hours ago
"Hey you don't mind if I film this right? Oh oopsie daises already hit the record button! Alright there you go, holy fuck dood-"
Superman Pugs Superman Pugs . 11 hours ago
God bless this capt. for real. Imagine how many people don’t get this lift and die at sea with no answers for home.
SH!TS & GIGGLES SH!TS & GIGGLES . 14 hours ago
Thank you
Megan Ciampi Megan Ciampi . 14 hours ago
Boston boys!!!
Poncuk Kizim Poncuk Kizim . 16 hours ago
Captain Awesome saves the day! ♡
Glad he's okay.
alex armilla alex armilla . 17 hours ago
Cmon...dude was probably fetching beers from a raft
Setesh_RL Setesh_RL . 20 hours ago
"Thank you for stopping..." Like hes broke down on the road... Glad your floating buddy.
Sadal Day Sadal Day . 21 hours ago
hold on dont talk to me yet
*grabs camera
"alright there you go"
Alec Alec . 23 hours ago
HaasGrotesk HaasGrotesk . 1 day ago
This is pretty disgusting what people do to chase clout! Instead of helping the guy up because he's visibly tired. The guy instead pulls out a camera and films him. The downfall of society has begun. Godspeed!
Matt Blavk Matt Blavk . 1 day ago
“I didn’t think I was gonna make it” 🙏🏾
Elle Apps Elle Apps . 1 day ago
Thank god the guy was spotted he's body started to shut you could see it and hear it....
ForestGremlinFPV ForestGremlinFPV . 1 day ago
Obviously none of you commenting that he's drunk have been close to, or fully hypothermic. I have been. You sound and behave exactly like this dude. You slur your words and have difficulty with motor function. You guys have no clue.
Nenad ИС XC Shuput Nenad ИС XC Shuput . 1 day ago
You play stupid games you win stupid prizes
Nenad ИС XC Shuput Nenad ИС XC Shuput . 1 day ago
He is drunk
James pera James pera . 1 day ago
This lonely survivor.. is totally fuckin gooned...

Lesson learned... Leave the booze on shore , and the kayaking for the lakes
Trippin bro Trippin bro . 2 days ago
All these comments but thank god you was around to save him
Tx240 Tx240 . 2 days ago
Whatever kind of bait he was fishing with... Don't use that kind.
Lisa Lee Lisa Lee . 2 days ago
God bless you for helping 🙏 ❤️ him
Travis Cooper Travis Cooper . 2 days ago
A true blessing
Black Wolf Black Wolf . 2 days ago
Great job great things happen to the people that help other people
Marcel Simoneau Marcel Simoneau . 3 days ago
Holy shit
David M David M . 3 days ago
That dude was drunk off his ass probably had something to do with this kayak going down too
Shizhe'e Shilah Shiye Shizhe'e Shilah Shiye . 3 days ago
"I just kept faith in those fishing vessels, trying to get to em, thank you very much for stopping man"
Bless him.
Oh - Huh - Ok Oh - Huh - Ok . 3 days ago
Please y’all when you’re on the water always keep an eye out for people like this you literally could save a life!
Rafique Savahl Rafique Savahl . 3 days ago
Damn skipper your a true gentle men and a man of utmost dignity... I know this feeling of having your kakay tipped or anchor lock with no knife in sight... God bless you brother for holding up.. Skipper your a great leader
Noah Noah . 3 days ago
Fuck helping him in. Let’s film!!!
oOIII.M.IIIOo oOIII.M.IIIOo . 3 days ago
Get into the boat man, before you fell off of exaustion. 🙂
Bababab Bababab . 3 days ago
Yes this is serious but to bring a nice light is that he does look like ice Poseidon
Faux fox Faux fox . 3 days ago
Update- the kayak he talks about was in actuality a Colombian cocaine submarine full of Colombian puff peppers.

Serious shit.
Outdoor Life Outdoor Life . 3 days ago
If nobody has been at the mercy of the ocean you don't know how tired this man is.
Sascha Herrmann Sascha Herrmann . 3 days ago
Yeah sure, before helping him up take video for social media 🤦🏻🤦🏻🤦🏻
DJ 808s Big Audio Adventures DJ 808s Big Audio Adventures . 3 days ago
Thanks for stopping bro "yeahhh hmmm" like he wouldn't ever save a brother. Good guy!
Bu2Spike Bu2Spike . 3 days ago
He needs to go play the lottery after that, he got extremely lucky
Slummy187 Slummy187 . 3 days ago
Dudes like yeah you almost just died let me record you real quick don’t move 😡
Lea Rockford Lea Rockford . 3 days ago
Thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
k sagstertohi k sagstertohi . 3 days ago
How did he manage to get high on drug’s out in the middle of Ocean?
Jonathan Gaudia Jonathan Gaudia . 3 days ago
It's one bite, everybody knows the rules
michael schwartz michael schwartz . 3 days ago
Thank God you were there to save him!!
Zachary Zachary . 3 days ago
*Takes his life jacket first, then kicks him off the boat and speeds away*
John Wick John Wick . 3 days ago
He's super tired ... Come on bro..Just lift him inside the boat before asking questions
J J . 3 days ago
It was like a Scooby-Doo laugh.
Jon Litwin Jon Litwin . 3 days ago
Damn someone was watching over you bro , your the man for finding him .
JetwayJ JetwayJ . 4 days ago
You could hear em say at the "I didn't think I was gon make it"... Shits wild glad dude was able to spot him seemed like he was close to giving out
laces ascanio laces ascanio . 4 days ago
He cry
Angela Chichester Angela Chichester . 4 days ago
Could you at least wait for him to get on board before you ask him all these questions..
Jeremiah Tallant Jeremiah Tallant . 4 days ago
You fucking stop and help another human out no matter what. You don't just drive your fucking boat past a human trying to survive, put yourself in their position. To all the people who passed him, maybe you didn't even see him, but at least try to fucking help you asshole

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