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Published on 5 years ago

Sia performing Unstoppable (C) 2016 Monkey Puzzle Records, under exclusive license to RCA Records.

Doris Egharevba Doris Egharevba . 1 day ago
In my opinion i so much love this song, but the video is weak.
pars ith pars ith . 2 days ago
Who thought this video was a good idea... great song... but.... really...
Cheshire_Skatkat Cheshire_Skatkat . 3 days ago
I like sia but it's like she's trying to be lady Gaga. Sia is better than that.
Thjonder Thjonder . 3 days ago
Weil sie die Stimme hat und singen kann! Geil! Der Song gibt mir gerade Kraft ...
Donna Kay Donna Kay . 4 days ago
I have just been diagnosed with cancer for the 2nd time in 9 months.
I'm going to beat it just like I did before.
Native Yooper Native Yooper . 4 days ago
I like this song but thats about it. This woman is a diabolical freak.
Liya Liya . 5 days ago
Russia unstoppable ❤❤❤
Nawwar 5557 Nawwar 5557 . 5 days ago
assalamu'alaikum warohmatulohi wabarakatuh, save permision min thanks. wassalamualaikum warohmatulohi wabarakatuh
Melina Burnett Melina Burnett . 6 days ago
Get ready here I come 🤪 😎 🤗 😏 😜 😉 🤪 😎 🤗
_ omarlives _ omarlives . 6 days ago
Cool day for me. Better song to randomly pop on the radio for me.
Marcus Hahn Marcus Hahn . 6 days ago
suraj singh STAR suraj singh STAR . 1 week ago
True song 🎵 every day I'm listening this song no can stopped you if we not feel we finished to stragglers unstoppable song real version of life sia sweet voice touch to heart keep it up thank to all team units😊😊😊😊👍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👁
Tinku Dholakia Tinku Dholakia . 1 week ago
One of the most meaningful songs I ever heard
Ophi K Ophi K . 2 weeks ago
This my kind attitude that somehow makes people around me sometime misunderstood
I'm just trying to be strong, knowing that there's no one will help or care for me💔
Andrzej Szablicki Andrzej Szablicki . 2 weeks ago
Hugo nordestino arretado Hugo nordestino arretado . 2 weeks ago
quem canta?
Leigh Sharpe Leigh Sharpe . 2 weeks ago
Who knows Sia from Zero 7?
Tajammul Siddiq Tajammul Siddiq . 2 weeks ago
Song lyrics and video is irrational, delusional and have serious societal implications.
jumadil bakar jumadil bakar . 2 weeks ago
This song resemble how strong and unstoppable russia were.
Rafael Moustache Rafael Moustache . 2 weeks ago
Really this is the official video?? This PERFECT SONG just with 9,7 million views, something is wrong
Angga Puspa Angga Puspa . 2 weeks ago
Sia Unseppbale
93k pak pigs surrender🇵🇰𓂺 93k pak pigs surrender🇵🇰𓂺 . 2 weeks ago
*Samsung S22 Ultra*
study for life study for life . 2 weeks ago
Support from India guys...........
Trinity Isaacs Trinity Isaacs . 3 weeks ago
I love you guys so much 💗
DoctorDJ1976 DoctorDJ1976 . 3 weeks ago
Great song, really great voice
But the video is just dumb, f...k up.....
Bhat Auqib Bhat Auqib . 3 weeks ago
Started my fitness journey and this song keeps me moving. See you in 6 months❤️🔥
Mohid zaidi Mohid zaidi . 3 weeks ago
This is the shittiest song I've ever heard
Bebi Salma Bebi Salma . 3 weeks ago
My 3y/o girl sing this and its waking me up from my depression , thanks SIA for powerful song
Alex Te Alex Te . 3 weeks ago
Nice music to listen fir unwinding moment in time
Patrick Patrick . 3 weeks ago
This song is such trash
Kajka Kajka Kajka Kajka . 3 weeks ago
I love Sia
Cindy Klopp Cindy Klopp . 3 weeks ago
This song is for our womans rights
Supreet prasad sinha Supreet prasad sinha . 3 weeks ago
Sia -The Legend
Gidgyz0rs Gidgyz0rs . 4 weeks ago
Lol, I love her "big girl" pants.
Marius Adrian Marius Adrian . 4 weeks ago
The song is off the hook
But the video
Is awful 😣
ozman 1966 ozman 1966 . 4 weeks ago
I love they way she says "batteries"
Madison Hardeman Madison Hardeman . 4 weeks ago
Published in Aug 12 2005
Bagus Bagus . 4 weeks ago
To all who read this hope u stay safe, health, n dreams come true.. GOD DID
Darryl Woodbury Darryl Woodbury . 4 weeks ago
My girlfriend was listening to this song today and now it's stuck in my head.
Om Enterprises Om Enterprises . 4 weeks ago
Sia is not just an artist. She is the powerhouse of Emotions.
zona seroe kehidupan zona seroe kehidupan . 4 weeks ago
You are my motivation for me who doesn't stop working..💪🏼😎👍🏼
✨Star Lit Oracle✨ ✨Star Lit Oracle✨ . 1 month ago
Sorry but why is the video so gross? So many empowered, inspirational scenes possible but they went with this 🤦‍♀️
ArcadianCY ArcadianCY . 1 month ago
best song ever
louis soler louis soler . 1 month ago
This is not just a song. It is a movement!! Some of us are just unstoppable
Mohamed Gamal Mohamed Gamal . 1 month ago
Kausar Ahmed Mausam Kausar Ahmed Mausam . 1 month ago
Just dropping @this comment ...
so that whenever it get liked, ❤️
it gonna remind me of this masterpiece 💎
Elizabete assis Elizabete assis . 1 month ago
A musica é linda
Mas o videoclipe não curti.
Dawn Gomez Dawn Gomez . 1 month ago
Love you SIA thanks for the positivity.
Dawn Gomez Dawn Gomez . 1 month ago
This song got me to the core of my soul.
bobby chipulu bobby chipulu . 1 month ago
This song is my Daily life give I really love it 😍😘

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