Play / Download The Killers, Scottish Fan "Tony" plays drums "For Reasons Unknown" at TRNSMT Festival. Glasgow 2018
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Published on 4 years ago

The Killers invite fan onstage to play with them at TRNSMT during "For Reasons Unknown".

Timmeyyy0815 Timmeyyy0815 . 4 years ago
i still dont know what the fans yell :(
Ireland Ireland . 9 hours ago
Dreams can come true! You just have to believe ❤️🙏
zaidhakim zaidhakim . 5 days ago
Tony what a legend
Dosis de JET-A1 Dosis de JET-A1 . 2 weeks ago
someone kwons the name of the guitarrist with beard? with the red guitar
Chris Liversidge Chris Liversidge . 3 weeks ago
Right up there with Freddie, superb
Dimmen Dimmen . 1 month ago
2:33 and He saw it was good
Shaunna Gage Shaunna Gage . 1 month ago
It's Tony's world, the rest of us just get to live here.....
Shaunna Gage Shaunna Gage . 1 month ago
Brandon and Ronnie look like proud papas!!
Sabrina Smilesfromabroad Sabrina Smilesfromabroad . 1 month ago
Watched this probably 30 times already and every time i'm just so happy for him to have fulfilled this dream and to SMASH IT!!! That was amazing Tony!
Sergio Angelini Sergio Angelini . 1 month ago
The kid did great!!! Congrats
ValmetL35 ValmetL35 . 2 months ago
Best guest drummer of all time, hands down.
Boxing boxing boxing Boxing boxing boxing . 2 months ago
I’ve watched over and over haha this lad killed it
Agnieszka10 Agnieszka10 . 2 months ago
Daiboy80 Daiboy80 . 2 months ago
Life, completed it mate
Boxing boxing boxing Boxing boxing boxing . 2 months ago
Isn’t music just fvcking great it brings everyone together
La Mate La Mate . 2 months ago
Questo ragazzo ha spaccato!!!!!grandissimo Tony!
jvaish jvaish . 2 months ago
Hairy, hairy, hairy fucking goat
Alexandre Miranda de Lacerda Alexandre Miranda de Lacerda . 2 months ago
You knew that Tony knew “the shit” when Ronnie gave a 👍
daniel reader daniel reader . 2 months ago
This is one of the best things I’ve ever seen. He absolutely smashed it man.
Michael Rodriguez Michael Rodriguez . 2 months ago
I watch this at least once a week
TPE 15 TPE 15 . 2 months ago
Incredible performance by "Tony"......utterly heartwarming
Nigel’s Cheap Vlogs Nigel’s Cheap Vlogs . 2 months ago
First off Tony is not Scottish.

He's Canadian, from Montreal
Gustavo de Jesús Zapien Ovando Gustavo de Jesús Zapien Ovando . 2 months ago
El mejor que he visto en el escenario en todas las giras de The Killers, esa energía y sobre todo la actitud, única.
He visto más de 50 veces este video.
Antony Maddox Antony Maddox . 2 months ago
Nice to see Miss Hoolie from Balamory in the crowd
Snoopliest Snoopliest . 2 months ago
Tony got laid that night. ☝️
Gareth Myers Gareth Myers . 3 months ago
Very good
peskypare123 peskypare123 . 3 months ago
i tried to do this last night with bloc party - held up my sign and got told by kele to fuck off. nice
Sara Bilhimer Sara Bilhimer . 3 months ago
Farmerjohnson Farmerjohnson . 3 months ago
3:50 Neven Subotic happy on guitar
D P928 D P928 . 3 months ago
That guy was how proud they were of to see bands do things like this for true fans
echoguitarist echoguitarist . 3 months ago
It's every fan's dream.
Paola Payalich Paola Payalich . 3 months ago
Paola Payalich Paola Payalich . 3 months ago
Tony, u are the best of all TIME!
gerry greene gerry greene . 4 months ago
“Who” could have used Tony that night Keith passed out.
Robbie Canning Robbie Canning . 5 months ago
And that kid grew up to be Dom Howard
Lochero2xmedio Lochero2xmedio . 5 months ago
Eso es lo lindo del Rock ... cambia vidas, ese muchacho tendrá el mejor recuerdo de su vida!!
kramskee kramskee . 5 months ago
This has to be one of the greatest videos on YouTube! The Killers featuring Tony! ......... wow, he's just inspiring! doesn't miss a beat! Great Track and incredible drumming!
billyblackburn87 billyblackburn87 . 5 months ago
Tony is a bad ass. Killers are so lucky
René Araneda René Araneda . 5 months ago
The best!!!
Coureur A Pic Coureur A Pic . 5 months ago
Tony la légende ! ;-)
Deb Fryer Deb Fryer . 6 months ago
Who is the man playing keyboards behind Brandon?
the_katman the_katman . 6 months ago
This is a song about a superhero named Tony. It's called Tony's Theme.
Tartan Bunnet Tartan Bunnet . 6 months ago
makes me happy every time i watch it ,thanks Lu.
Mónica VG Mónica VG . 6 months ago
I think Brandon was reminded of his youth again through Tony.
Kayla Kayla . 6 months ago
i love how when the crowd is chanting he just sort of nods because he has no idea what we’re saying lmaoo
Ignacio Nuñez Avendaño Ignacio Nuñez Avendaño . 6 months ago
la rompio toda tony!
Nadia Ocampo Nadia Ocampo . 7 months ago
I love you Tony 💟
FiveStarMan FiveStarMan . 7 months ago
Brandon being confused as to what the crowd is chanting ("here we fucking go") will never not be adorable
HeatherKJones HeatherKJones . 7 months ago
Where is Tony these days?
Julio Bergo Julio Bergo . 8 months ago
When The Killers meet The Police drummer!

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