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Bailey Zimmerman

Bailey Zimmerman

Published on 2 months ago

Bailey Zimmerman - Rock and A Hard Place (Lyric Video)

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Warner Music Nashville / Elektra Music Group breakout country artist Bailey Zimmerman is following an explosive trajectory after an unexpected, whirlwind rise. In just one year since releasing his viral sensation “Never Comin’ Home,” the first song he’d ever written or performed, the rising singer/songwriter has already earned more than 100 million global streams to date and charted his latest release, “Fall In Love,” on the Billboard Hot 100. Born and raised in the small town of Louisville, IL, he grew up listening to hour after hour of country radio on long hauls across state lines with his father, who owned a trucking business. Back at home his mom instilled in him a life-long appreciation for the power chords and edgy vocals of 80’s hair rock. From long hours on the gas pipeline, to late nights of backbreaking roadwork, Zimmerman embodies the old school American values of hard work and dependability and applies the same steadfast mentality to his music. Through his plainspoken charm, contagious enthusiasm and genuine portrayal of life on the back roads, the up-and-comer has already attracted a loyal and passionate fan base. With more new music on the horizon, featuring the grit and gravel of his unmistakably Southern drawl, Zimmerman will continue to showcase the straightforward authenticity for which he is known and loved.

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Trevor Hartman Trevor Hartman . 11 hours ago
After 20 years of marriage 2 kids and one kid lost during birth and got divorced
Makayla Ann Makayla Ann . 17 hours ago
For me this song is about a friendship
Haley Jordan Haley Jordan . 1 day ago
5 months in a long distance relationship. my feelings are not okay recently so we took a break. this song is on repeat. it sucks
Sammy Kaylene Sammy Kaylene . 1 day ago
I've been homeless 4 times now. My boyfriend took me in when I was at my lowest this song hits me pretty hard my brother sent it too Me when I was feeling weak. September will be my one year with my boyfriend and I cherish the moments because no matter how bad I get he's always there.
Rachelle LaMont Rachelle LaMont . 1 day ago
Jesse wade I love you
Billyred 0980 Billyred 0980 . 2 days ago
I have hurt the only person that matters in my life I feel like I should give up and just eat a bullet but this song will not let go of me long enough I miss her so much and the harder I try the more I make it worse I don't know why I can't be normal I don't know why I mess up everything I wish I could just tell her what she means to me and just trust her the way she deserves
Alexis Hudson Alexis Hudson . 3 days ago
Made a mistake 2 years ago and it finally surfaced. After being together 16 years ....I think she is gone...
Mary Marston Mary Marston . 3 days ago
Dang this song is so good, I've been there and so glad I could walk away...
Ava Bowen Ava Bowen . 3 days ago
well i love morgan wallen but this is so good he definitely coming right after him!!
Ty Hensley Ty Hensley . 3 days ago
5 years together. We were talking about forever and marriage and kids since we got together, took 6 months separated a couple years back, finally came to an end. This song hits like a fucking freight train right now
brent mason brent mason . 3 days ago
An emotionally exceptional well put together song! Makes you want to listen to it again and again! “That’s where I lost it...midnight in Austin...”was stuck in my head and I didn’t know who you were or the name of this song...but finally they play it again and I was able to find out who you were. Keep up the great work! Gary Brent Mason
Elizabeth Joseph Elizabeth Joseph . 4 days ago
This is my life right now.
Elizabeth Joseph Elizabeth Joseph . 4 days ago
You are amazing. Love your music.
Kaleb Phillips Kaleb Phillips . 4 days ago
I love this song so much just like me and my grandma we love this song
DAD ROCKS DAD ROCKS . 6 days ago
Been married 15 years and we have broke up a few times then got back together! Now where broke up again dam if it isn’t a rock in a hard place.
Destiny Brown Destiny Brown . 6 days ago
I’m really struggling right now with all of the doubts and uncertainty. My best friend recommended this song and throwing in the towel is a lot harder because you’re longing for each other the entire time but think y’all can’t be together. Then as soon as y’all make it official again there’s a lot of fears, doubts, and uncertainty that gets in the way of y’all being the best for each other. I’m praying that it gets better.
Megan Rodriguez Megan Rodriguez . 6 days ago
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Andrew Olson Andrew Olson . 7 days ago
5 fucking years thrown down the drain. This song really hits home.
Infamous Reddawn Infamous Reddawn . 1 week ago
weight watchers weight watchers . 1 week ago
i love men so much
Nevaeh Rommel Nevaeh Rommel . 1 week ago
When dad don't care no more
Caitlin James Caitlin James . 1 week ago
This song hits different right now. Just found out my boyfriend was cheating on me before I got pregnant for months. Now we have our baby and I dont know what to do
Chris Miller Chris Miller . 1 week ago
Awesome song for sure
sadwaffles sadwaffles . 1 week ago
When a song describes your relationship better than you can.
Susie Susie . 1 week ago
I absolutely love this song ❤️
Laquayle fennell Laquayle fennell . 1 week ago
This song is awesome I like part midnight in Austin.
santialoveme santialoveme . 1 week ago
A milly of the views came from me!!!!
Cali Fotheringham Cali Fotheringham . 2 weeks ago
Lin check nj rum
Darrian Tishmack Darrian Tishmack . 2 weeks ago
Tiffany Nelson Tiffany Nelson . 2 weeks ago
This hits hard right now Prisonwife Struggle is Real
Nope Nope Nope Nope . 2 weeks ago
Man it hurts so much to be in a rock and hard place
Beth Clark Beth Clark . 2 weeks ago
Been with my husband over 15 yrs and this song definitely is relatable.
karla marie karla marie . 2 weeks ago
this song has been on repeat since ive heard it ❤️ just the emotion of how he sings pulls you in
Kit_WaoYT Kit_WaoYT . 2 weeks ago
I've been hearing this song for a while. And it reminds me of my relationship.. I got dumped Almost 2 months ago. I really miss him but at the same time I hate him. He cheated on me with my best friend and I was to blind to see it. But this song has been helping me through it:) Love the song!
Tara Webb Tara Webb . 2 weeks ago
18 years together, and I'm not sure if we will see 19 years together if something doesn't change.
Brianna Brevik Brianna Brevik . 2 weeks ago
I love this song honestly. It hits hard though for so many reasons. It is a good way to get you in your feelings.
George George . 2 weeks ago
Another stupid love country song what’s new ? 👀
DirtyyMoneyy DirtyyMoneyy . 2 weeks ago
5 years I’ve loved her. And this song is speaking volumes to me . I love you Rachel 🥲🖤🖤
Nelson Millar Nelson Millar . 2 weeks ago
You think your over it then this comes out 🥴
Chera Simpson Chera Simpson . 2 weeks ago
This song definitely hits hard for me at the moment. I love my man with all my heart, but I feel as if we’re falling apart! I just pray we can work it out! I don’t want to lose him! 😢
Brad don Brad don . 2 weeks ago
I'd rather ride it out for better weather.......
Marisa Peck Marisa Peck . 2 weeks ago
damn! love this!
Abia Rashid Abia Rashid . 2 weeks ago
This song is so good
Tristan Joyce Tristan Joyce . 2 weeks ago
Wiked song it's really good
Sharon- Ann Bland Sharon- Ann Bland . 2 weeks ago
If you only knew
Nicole Dodd Nicole Dodd . 2 weeks ago
Love it it’s my first time hearing this one…. Yes thank u
Nicole Dodd Nicole Dodd . 2 weeks ago
Wow love this song too much.
RamboSlamboo RamboSlamboo . 2 weeks ago
Hell yeah Bailey
Savanna Melvin Savanna Melvin . 2 weeks ago
Everyone in the comments taking about their marriage, kids, divorce, life… I’ve been there and I just wanna say while it may seem dark, the sun will shine again!!! Better days are coming folks!
Linds Kime Linds Kime . 2 weeks ago
Haley and MaryJane, don’t forget to listen to some country music! 🖤🥰💕💯💯

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