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Published on 1 week ago

Bayern Munich picks up right where it left off last season with five goals in the first half against Eintracht Frankfurt. With questions as to how the Bundesliga champion would fare without Robert Lewandowski, goalscorers Joshua Kimmich, Benjamin Pavard, Sadio Mane, Jamal Musiala and Serge Gnabry stepped up to fill the void in a 6-1 win.
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Max Scherzer’s blue eye Max Scherzer’s blue eye . 21 hours ago
Kimmich is relentless, but so crafty as well… that goal was so perfectly hit, and his approach betrayed none of his intentions. He’s the first to celebrate every goal, fiery and a vocal presence on defense. The heart and soul of this star-studded team!
Fredy Mendez Fredy Mendez . 3 days ago
SOO the only way bayern is winnnig the champions league is if they replace Muller !!!! He was a great player when germany was dominant in 2014 but age is coming for him and ever since the world cup in 2014 hes either Good or really really bad. He is bipolar and hes not Lewandowski who trains like the likes of CR7. They should replace him and buy Ajax Anthony !!!!!!!!! Or heres a crazy thought get mephis Depay as barcelona want to sell him to rake in some money because they are broke.
deji 2g deji 2g . 3 days ago
not even fun to watch its just unfair
Brendan Dickson Brendan Dickson . 4 days ago
It should have been 8-3 at least. Woeful defending from both sides.
Axel Willner Axel Willner . 4 days ago
Nice to not have to hear premier league announcers mispronounce Mané all match.

What a player. Love his attitude when he scores. Always goes to celebrate with his teammates. Much rather see this than Lewandowski’s me, me, me celebrations.
Jair Morales Jair Morales . 4 days ago
This performance is the equivalent of when a newly single person going clubbing
Jair Morales Jair Morales . 4 days ago
Imagine what Real Madrid are gonna do to them
DF DF . 4 days ago
The Bundesliga is so pointless. If you're going to win the domestic league every year and then fall flat in the wider European competition, what are you doing? PSG and Bayern are victims of their own domestic success. When they come up against a legitimately tough opponent, they don't know what to do.
Christian Holway Christian Holway . 4 days ago
Oh and they did this without Lewandowski how strange 👀 it’s almost as if the TEAM is good, regardless of the striker or something 🙄
potat best ww potat best ww . 4 days ago
Great defensive performance by Bayern Munich.
Crimson Dynamo Crimson Dynamo . 4 days ago
God this is scary
Al Al . 4 days ago
I feel sorry for gotze lol
Umarr Sesay Umarr Sesay . 4 days ago
Sane Pass Was Goated , Sheesh 🤧🤧🤧
Greg Greg . 5 days ago
Nobody mentioned the smoke in the beginning?
neam09 neam09 . 5 days ago
Hey ESPNFC, you idiots need to work on your titles. What is this biased nonsense?
Luis Villegas Luis Villegas . 5 days ago
Mia San Mia ❤️🤍
Da Friar Da Friar . 5 days ago
Gnabry is one of my favorite players
DzNutzOnFyre DzNutzOnFyre . 5 days ago
What was that about bundesliga farmer league? This is bad look for the league on match day 1. Now I know not to watch cuz I won’t miss anything. Thanks for the heads up
streetja streetja . 5 days ago
Why isn't @ESPN FC offering highlights in 1080p????
isaiah isaiah . 5 days ago
Are we going to keep pretending it is interesting to watch the same teams steam roll over every team in the league? Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1 are all garbage. At this point why would anyone watch Bundesliga. I'll stick to EPL and La Liga, I would rather watch MLS than this.
Robb Gonzalez Robb Gonzalez . 5 days ago
Musiala Bayerns secret weapon 😎
psxnotps1 psxnotps1 . 5 days ago
mane made the right decision. he looks happier and invigorated. this is what happens when you move to a farmers league.
Rasheed Miller Rasheed Miller . 5 days ago
Kinda scary how well Mane fits this Bayern set up
Abraham Pinones Abraham Pinones . 5 days ago
Congratulations to Real Madrid for winning the UEFA SUPER CUP
Marquis de Suave Marquis de Suave . 5 days ago
Bayern's defense did not impress despite the score. Opponents were dribbling past the CBs and into the box all day long. This might have been the busiest a winning keeper has ever been in a game where their team wins by 5 goals.
Zay Gunna Vlogs Zay Gunna Vlogs . 5 days ago
That assist from Sane is insane 🔥
Raj Kumala Raj Kumala . 5 days ago
chelsea needs to buy gnabry ASAPPPPPPP
Parvad has really improved.
Francisco Valdez Francisco Valdez . 6 days ago
Minute 1:35 , towards the center of the frame.. lol
T T . 6 days ago
Mane makes football beautiful 😍
Markus Greenidge Markus Greenidge . 6 days ago
The Bundesliga is a joke.
Edward Kelly Edward Kelly . 6 days ago
I say Frankfurt was lucky that they only allowed 6. They could had allowed at least 10 goals
Drew Castronovo Drew Castronovo . 6 days ago
Everyone at Bayern is top class, except Neuer was complete dogshit
Paul Kowalik Paul Kowalik . 6 days ago
Bayern isn’t that good, rest of the league is that bad.
Paka Man Paka Man . 7 days ago
Why didn’t they play Kamada
T-Virus Terrance T-Virus Terrance . 7 days ago
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Gerardo Valdes Diaz Gerardo Valdes Diaz . 7 days ago
Thanks Bayern for destroying this team , so that on Wednesday UEFA supercup Madrid have an even easier win .
Spikey Spikey . 7 days ago
This is why no one is watching Bundesliga
AidenPlayz AidenPlayz . 7 days ago
when i first heard the commentators voice and realized it was the fifa commentator i started dying 😂
Tonsbi Tonsbi Tonsbi Tonsbi . 7 days ago
Bayern looks very scary this year
They beef up everything
Jordan Boone Jordan Boone . 7 days ago
The new Becky Lowe .
David Keatley David Keatley . 7 days ago
Musiala was BRILLIANT.
David Keatley David Keatley . 7 days ago
How is that not a foul by the Frankfurt player @8:18 ???
German Tzoy German Tzoy . 7 days ago
Mane 🤯🤯🤯🤯🔥
Feston Achinda Feston Achinda . 7 days ago
They should give Mane #10, the guy is a player maker.
edgar zavala edgar zavala . 7 days ago
Worst than the French league
Lucian Higginbotham Lucian Higginbotham . 7 days ago
Are the Bayern bundesliga champions 2022/23 t-shirts available for pre order?? ⚽️⚽️⚽️ 😳😳😳
Eph2110SBG GSO Eph2110SBG GSO . 1 week ago
Sadio Mane, willkommen in der Bundesliga! You and Bayern will win this league with ease. Enjoy the ride….maybe see you in Istanbul!
Sean Carroll Sean Carroll . 1 week ago
Another boring title race incoming
Joseph Joseph Joseph Joseph . 1 week ago
Mane got everything to play in Bayern . What a player.

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