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Published on 3 weeks ago

lexi drove on the freeway, mom tried setting me up with CAPTAIN AMERICA.. and logan almost peed himself... enjoy!!

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music by Joakim Karud

has anyone told you that you’re KILLIN the GAME today?? I love u!

Alyssa Kenney Alyssa Kenney . 1 hour ago
For I second in the car I thought he was chamimes charels
zeferino pedro zeferino pedro . 4 hours ago
Pierson did your mom died her hair
Kashif Rasheed Kashif Rasheed . 4 hours ago
I wonder how many people has wanted to come here
eva griffith eva griffith . 14 hours ago
I dare you to hit 3 million subscribers(:
eva griffith eva griffith . 14 hours ago
I love all of Pierson's videos. Get to 3 million subscribers.
Jennifer Davis Jennifer Davis . 15 hours ago
Love you pierson
stranger things is amazing stranger things is amazing . 15 hours ago
Stranger things is like the best show ever
Lydia Vega Lydia Vega . 20 hours ago
Krizia Kay Reyes Krizia Kay Reyes . 1 day ago
Heh why Jeremy is not in the car?
Helena Winther Helena Winther . 1 day ago
Brent got smack right back in the friendzone and apparently not famous to your mom 😂
Cubing 4 Lyfe Cubing 4 Lyfe . 1 day ago
my fav part was when andrew was like, "BOOOOOM"
Juna Juna . 2 days ago
Juna Juna . 2 days ago
I live in florida pieraon
Alexis Lee Alexis Lee . 2 days ago
Omg amazing
Kayla Kayla . 2 days ago
We love you Pearson
Una Lawless Una Lawless . 2 days ago
What about Jeremy in the intro
Malina Shelton Malina Shelton . 2 days ago
Love the intro
Journey Cole Journey Cole . 2 days ago
You are my idol
Journey Cole Journey Cole . 2 days ago
I love your videos
Journey Cole Journey Cole . 2 days ago
Nats edits😝 Nats edits😝 . 2 days ago
Why didn’t you add Lexi Hensler or Jeremy in the intro not hate just wondering and also I love your Chanel so much
Aves🏐 Aves🏐 . 2 days ago
That intro tho
Kian Kwera Kian Kwera . 2 days ago
Well done 👏 lex
Itsgachacloudy:) Itsgachacloudy:) . 2 days ago
Ok I wanted to watch stranger things but I am terribly…terribly…super scared of scary things so tell me is stranger things that scary
Itsgachacloudy:) Itsgachacloudy:) . 2 days ago
girl same Disney is the place I’ll go to
x x . 2 days ago
me waiting for chris evans to comment...
Christian Matthews Christian Matthews . 2 days ago
Colette Riley Colette Riley . 3 days ago
I like the intro
bobby wasabi warrior 🥷🔪 bobby wasabi warrior 🥷🔪 . 3 days ago
Lewis And me Lewis And me . 3 days ago
I absolutely love ur videos soooooo much and I’m ur biggest fan and you are my biggest idol. I love your intros too
aditi das aditi das . 3 days ago
4:17 is the funniest part in this video
Puppy dog Squad Puppy dog Squad . 3 days ago
I agree
Kerrylynn Ogley Kerrylynn Ogley . 3 days ago
Can you please please give me a shoutout please
Anya Cassandra Casas Anya Cassandra Casas . 3 days ago
its so much fun!
Anya Cassandra Casas Anya Cassandra Casas . 3 days ago
Jeremy! u should of be there! haha😅😂🤣🤣😂😅
missdclose missdclose . 3 days ago
you like brent
CB CB . 3 days ago
Pierson I have a big fan
rico p bayona rico p bayona . 3 days ago
HoLy ShIt! The part i was laughing so hard 🤣
Rinel Costo Rinel Costo . 3 days ago
Haha 😂😸 Jeremy
Lost In Leopold Lost In Leopold . 3 days ago
I love Piersons creativity with her intro taking her time for us and the content
Tal Nazz Tal Nazz . 3 days ago
Pirson so funny
Alix Knox Alix Knox . 3 days ago
I love you pierson
ref productions ref productions . 3 days ago
Chris Evans is also 40 years old😭😭😭 BUT HE IS SO FINEEEEEEEE
Tara Medeiros Tara Medeiros . 4 days ago
I thought your best one was Lexi not Brent sister.
Amelia Wel Amelia Wel . 4 days ago
Honestly was driving you I prayed for only you live what I mean everybody has a little bit of a dirty side in them YouTuber I love you yeah why did I just say that but you know you know what it's like right okay babe
Marcus Brooks Marcus Brooks . 4 days ago
Pierson you should go for Brent we will all be here supporting u girl we love you
Iris de Ruijter Iris de Ruijter . 4 days ago
piersons intros ae always the best!!!!
Iris de Ruijter Iris de Ruijter . 4 days ago
piersons intros ae always the best!!!!
Bella's Toca Life💕 Bella's Toca Life💕 . 4 days ago
Good day

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