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Published on 2 weeks ago

When you have 0.01 seconds to choose your destiny
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Choose your destiny, and make your life choices. Be Angel or be Devil! Then Go to Heaven! Or Go to Heck! It is your fate!
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Alison Mark Alison Mark . 9 hours ago
I would have burger
Sunyoung Kim Sunyoung Kim . 11 hours ago
I love the little bacon bits
Super Colti 10.0 Super Colti 10.0 . 20 hours ago
Jk I love ur vids
Super Colti 10.0 Super Colti 10.0 . 20 hours ago
You know I’m rlly mad u didn’t do both sides on diff vids
July luvs-cats July luvs-cats . 21 hours ago
Gray: it’s a sailor
Me: it’s Yandere
cringe perfection cringe perfection . 1 day ago
I took a minute to understand the title and when I did I burst out laughing
Elsa Johnson Elsa Johnson . 1 day ago
I would have broccoli
Autumn Rebar Autumn Rebar . 1 day ago
What do it mean call them good to take it round like it's like all your money away from you for gas just gas I was guess was free anyway 😑🤨😭👃👎
Louise Emmerson Louise Emmerson . 2 days ago
I am good i like it...
Elsa Johnson Elsa Johnson . 2 days ago
There not crewmates there imposters but the angels pets are the crewmates bruh
Koushal Gaming 0202 Koushal Gaming 0202 . 2 days ago
I like brockily
Paul Trujillo Paul Trujillo . 3 days ago
The thing that was following you around at the end was a demon but it’s entire body is a sphere with wings and horns
Candle Spammer Candle Spammer . 3 days ago
"Flyign peperoni"

me: Flying pet brony
PenPal64 PenPal64 . 3 days ago
Hot dog
Mario Graham Mario Graham . 3 days ago
Toprak B. Toprak B. . 3 days ago
What the heck has this channel become.
Lauren Crocker Lauren Crocker . 3 days ago
Videos of the best for me please thank you bye
Agent Apex Agent Apex . 3 days ago
Day 11 make gray wallride upside down and make it harder by adding 90 thumbnail holes that barely fit the car and make it so he has a checkpoint on the 25 thumbnail hole and if he dies he does not have enough speed like not on a platform but on the wallride and make it so he has to dodge bots that shoot rockets and and add a cheat on the side to give him false hope make it in front of the finish line and add a invisible wall and walls on the side so he cant fall and and make it so if he wants to go back a checkpoint its going to be 100 dollar because of the checkpoint in the middle and at the finish line make it so he cant reach it unless he does the wallride to have enough speed to get the finish line... add my name because i want him to see who is torturing him :)
ducking mistake (: ducking mistake (: . 3 days ago
This will probably get buried. Depending on the type of sailboat and/or whether the centerboard (which has the same purpose as fins under a surfboard) is pulled up, it *could* be able to leave through the river delta. Sadly, the boat appears far too wide and is useless unless whatever higher power/s up there own a trailer.
Martha Wilson Martha Wilson . 3 days ago
Nicole Tarpley Nicole Tarpley . 4 days ago
I guess when to floedu
Sara Bodden Sara Bodden . 4 days ago
I love broccoli
Robin Bearley Robin Bearley . 4 days ago
There are not maces they are flails because they have chains on them
Kensington DeMarco Kensington DeMarco . 4 days ago
Alda Guðrún Sindradóttir Þormar Alda Guðrún Sindradóttir Þormar . 4 days ago
The demonic hotdog 🌭😈
Meghan Decker Meghan Decker . 4 days ago
😎I live in Florida and I am not hot😎
Judge Dredd Judge Dredd . 4 days ago
Please do Angel
Judge Dredd Judge Dredd . 4 days ago
I actually like McDonald’s and fries* Marley wrote that*
TW1ST3D56 TW1ST3D56 . 4 days ago
The most iconic thing ever is Gray saying "alright" at the start of every video
NewDarkPlague4514 NewDarkPlague4514 . 4 days ago
:56 me realizes hes playing enter sandman
Declan connolly Declan connolly . 5 days ago
Well, gray if you like burgers, then aparrently you're not human.
EverythingbyEddie EverythingbyEddie . 5 days ago
I will not eat broccoli unless it’s cooked
Atreyu McLean Atreyu McLean . 5 days ago
Who caught the part where it said guns n roses
yochicken123 yochicken123 . 5 days ago
I will pick broccoli 🥦🥦🥦🥦🥦🥦🥦🥦🥦🥦 love it no rost
Weaver ant nanitic Weaver ant nanitic . 5 days ago
Mental_ Mental_ . 5 days ago
I love how he always wishes us good will at the end,a true giga chad
dd dragon dd dragon . 5 days ago
I like brockily
mint mint . 5 days ago
whats the msuic
Robert Paterson Robert Paterson . 5 days ago
Can I be pinned plz
Jelly Huerta Jelly Huerta . 5 days ago
Bro I think the last pets are Skittles
Brigitte Terry Brigitte Terry . 5 days ago
"Bacon bits" 😂😂😂😆😂😆😆😆
Glen Chmielewski Glen Chmielewski . 5 days ago
Semir Smajic Semir Smajic . 6 days ago
I love broccoli
Mexle Xavier Mexle Xavier . 6 days ago
I don’t like burgers but I love broccoli
foxy_dragon_sus foxy_dragon_sus . 6 days ago
The sailor girl, is probably the japans girl😂
Gamers tips and tricks Gamers tips and tricks . 6 days ago
I would choose angel cause I like broccoli
Passia Passia . 6 days ago
Y'all just hate broccoli because you don't cook it or put sprinkle cheese on it
Marnie Barker Marnie Barker . 6 days ago
Broccoli broccoli broccoli
jt gaming jt gaming . 6 days ago
What game is thissssss

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