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Morgan Wallen

Morgan Wallen

Published on 4 months ago

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zeskita zeskita . 18 hours ago
🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️ love this song
mark prater mark prater . 2 days ago
OMG!!! thank you for whoeverwrotethisAWESOSEMMessegeItbrokemedownlikeayardsaleshotgon
Colten Smith Colten Smith . 3 days ago
To anybody seeing this have a great day. Don't take today for granted tomorrow ain't promised.
Joseph Hicks Joseph Hicks . 4 days ago
Love this song. Really makes you think 🤔
TTV_Exoticstand TTV_Exoticstand . 4 days ago
This song is my favorite one by Morgan wallen
Lou Sweet Lou Sweet . 4 days ago
Did you know that some of his friends wrote this song? The song is about Morgan and his life or lifestyle, if you will, from their perspective. Kind of interesting...
Rufina Zuniga Rufina Zuniga . 6 days ago
This is one of my favorite songs! Whenever I'm feeling down or need something to lift my spirits I come here and I'm instantly brought back to myself.
Tj Caldwell Tj Caldwell . 6 days ago
I met Morgan Wallen down at Key west at the song writers fest and let me tell ya he's a great guy. Really nice guy who took the time to talk to all his fans and took pictures and shook everyone's hand
Civic_DEADshot Civic_DEADshot . 7 days ago
Keven W. Keven W. . 1 week ago
This is one of the best songs ever sung. Morgan, thank you for this. Keep your head down and keep on keeping on. You are easily one of the greats.
Addi & Addy Addi & Addy . 1 week ago
Love his songs and this one is my favorite
Bestie 🦖squad💗 Bestie 🦖squad💗 . 1 week ago
My new Favorite song <3 💟❤️🤗
Susan Griffin Susan Griffin . 2 weeks ago
Great song!!
Suzanne Marie Suzanne Marie . 2 weeks ago
What an amazing talent.
Glitter Sparkle Glitter Sparkle . 2 weeks ago
Beautiful song.
Tim Sigmon Tim Sigmon . 2 weeks ago
I love you ❤️
Kelsey DeWeese Kelsey DeWeese . 2 weeks ago
If you are going to Arlington Texas, that is my daughter's birthday
Nick Peterson Nick Peterson . 2 weeks ago
I LOVE MORGANNNNNNN WALLENNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
geebee geebee . 2 weeks ago
wooow... love it 💗❤❤
Jay Man Jay Man . 3 weeks ago
Best song
BakingTourist BakingTourist . 3 weeks ago
I should make a gospel album
J.O. Owens J.O. Owens . 3 weeks ago
Such a beautiful song ❤️
Sara Sampson Topping Sara Sampson Topping . 4 weeks ago
Powerful song
Derek Reeves Derek Reeves . 4 weeks ago
Love this song so much.
Bobby Dominguez Bobby Dominguez . 4 weeks ago
3:05 July 14
Joleen Sturm Joleen Sturm . 4 weeks ago
Love this song brought tears to my eyes
Daniel Nieto Daniel Nieto . 1 month ago
Cole Barker Cole Barker . 1 month ago
Who doesn’t like this song
Elliot Storms Elliot Storms . 1 month ago
I love this song it is so touching
Carla Scott Carla Scott . 1 month ago
I thank jeaus
Like A boss Like A boss . 1 month ago
Am I the only one that thinks it sounds different now then when I first came out
kaebug1620 gaming kaebug1620 gaming . 1 month ago
Nakeida Cassim Nakeida Cassim . 1 month ago
Wow 💓
Mel Hanisch Mel Hanisch . 1 month ago
These lyrics are such a testimony to the truth. Kudos, Morgan. And Amen.
Michael Taylor Michael Taylor . 1 month ago
If i have my phone my cousin will ask me if I can play this
Jj Ll Jj Ll . 1 month ago
XXXinmylifeXXX XXXinmylifeXXX . 1 month ago
unpopular opinion, I would've liked to hear more production on this. if we wanted to hear this song stripped down, we can find the demo. this version just feels superfluous
ben beaulieu ben beaulieu . 1 month ago
spreading the gospel by dropping some nwords
Cori Collins Cori Collins . 1 month ago
Your songs are the best I do nothing but listen to them all day
Levelle Coggins Levelle Coggins . 2 months ago
Love his music sounds like country should
Andiclemenza Andiclemenza . 2 months ago
Love this song ❤️❤️❤️
Bobby Dominguez Bobby Dominguez . 2 months ago
Softy#4 Softy#4 . 2 months ago
Hi I was at your concert October 31st 2021 I love your music and
Indigo my lord he’s so cute 🥰
Tim Elliott Tim Elliott . 2 months ago
I love this song Morgan
Tim Elliott Tim Elliott . 2 months ago
You rock Morgan
Cassie Hale-Lunsford Cassie Hale-Lunsford . 2 months ago
This song has made me cry and I had became addicted to help. Thank You Morgan.
Melanie Com Melanie Com . 2 months ago
Jacob Pierson Jacob Pierson . 2 months ago
Heck yeah!!
Isabella Cronan Isabella Cronan . 2 months ago
This song makes me have tears i love it so much this so has to reach hearts and tell them to trust in him
Clappin Bass Cheeks TV Clappin Bass Cheeks TV . 2 months ago
he doesnt miss period

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