Pete Davidson Censored For Asking Jake Paul A Sensitive Question

Some are still trying to figure out what Davidson was trying to ask.

Many fans were surprised to see that was one of the commentators for the Jake Paul Vs. Ben Askren last night. In numerous clips, it seemed like Davidson was just looking to secure the bag and actually felt like the whole thing was a sham from the start. Not to mention, his dry humor didn’t always land with the rest of the commentary team, especially when you see just how much was looking to avoid any sort of interaction with him.

At the end of the fight, Paul came out victorious, and Davidson appeared to be quite shocked at everything that had gone down throughout the short first round.

Prior to the match, Davidson actually got to interview Paul alongside rapper Jack Harlow. While the two seemed to be having a good conversation, there was one point where Davidson asked Paul a question that was immediately censored by the Triller team. While we don’t hear the question, Paul immediately says “you can’t joke about that.”

Some are speculating that Davidson asked Paul about CTE while others think it may have been about his sexual assault allegations. Regardless of what it was, the speculation has been rampant. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like we will get an uncensored version, anytime soon.

Jake Paul

Al Bello/Getty Images for Triller

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