NBA Youngboy Loses His Smile In New Picture From Jail

Youngboy Never Broke Again loses his smile in his latest picture from jail.

Last week, a number of photos surfaced showing Youngboy Never Broke Again with other inmates behind bars. In the pictures, the rapper appears to be in good spirits, showing his pearly whites for the camera. The rapper is currently locked up after fleeing from the police in Los Angeles. He’s facing a maximum sentence of ten years.

The latest picture of has been released online, but he does not look as pleased as he did last week. In the latest flick, the 21-year-old loses his smile and faces the camera flash head-on. The mugshot-type image shows Youngboy with a facemask pulled down around his neck. He also grew a light mustache in the last week.

Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The last time Youngboy was released from jail following an arrest, he emerged with an all-new look. Hopefully, he gets out soon so that he doesn’t have even get the chance to debut a new look this time. Top.

Despite his current incarceration, the rapper’s personal life remains as messy as it ever has been. This week, Yaya Mayweather seemingly addressed Youngboy’s new girlfriend Jazlyn Mychelle, posting a straight-faced picture and “checking” her. The woman’s older stuck up for her, defending Jazlyn and telling Yaya she wants all the smoke in her response.

Take a look at the new picture of Youngboy Never Broke Again below.

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