Meek Mill Gets Teased For Asking “What Is A PH Balance”

A comment on Justin LaBoy’s post went haywire for the rapper.

We were overdue for a moment and he delivered earlier today (April 14). The Philly rapper often gives his takes on memes and pop culture, but it was his to one of Justin LaBoy’s posts that made him a trending topic. LaBoy is known for his funny quotes that he posts to his uber-popular page, and Meek has, in the past, reposted and commented. This time, however, it caused the rapper to take a few hits online.

LaBoy shared an image that reads, “Watch your not my page.” In the caption, he added, “Happy Wednesday [!!] Have a blessed day [fingers peace sign][crying laughing emojis.” Meek hopped in the comments to share that he didn’t quite understand the message.

Meek Mill, Justin LaBoy, Memes, pH BalanceKevin Winter / Staff / Getty Images

“What is a ph balance … sounds like a excuse [nauseaus emoji] lol,” Meek replied. It didn’t take but a blink of an eye for screenshots to be shared and soon, Meek found himself being teased by a global audience. As always, the rapper took it all in stride but we’re sure he’s been informed on what a is. 

Check out a few reactions below.

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