Logan Paul Decimated By Kevin Owens At WrestleMania 37

Logan Paul was taught a lesson after betraying Sami Zayn

37 went down over the weekend and based on fan reactions, there were certainly quite a few ups and downs to be had. Wrestling can definitely be hard to please and for the most part, they thoroughly enjoyed the first night. Night 2 was just a tad slower although it still ended up having its moments. One of those key moments throughout the evening actually involved none other than Logan Paul, who may very well be more hated by wrestling fans than Hulk Hogan.

Essentially, Logan was the guest of honor for Sami Zayn, who was sharing the ring with Kevin Owens. Things immediately took a turn, however, as Logan decided to betray Sami which led the wrestler to leave the ring. This left Paul alone in the ring with Owens, and things quickly devolved from there.

Kevin Owens

JP Yim/Getty Images

In the Twitter video below, you can see how Owens hits Paul with the Stone Cold Stunner, which left the YouTuber turned boxer on the floor motionless. The crowd erupted following the move and Owens was seen as the hero of the evening. 

Logan and his brother Jake are the perfect heels for something like wrestling, and we would not be surprised if they continue to be a part of the in the future. Whether or not will accept that, is a different story.

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