LeBron James Has A Word Of Warning For The NBA

LeBron James is excited about what’s to come.

LeBron James and the were having a phenomenal season up until he and got injured. Since that time, the Lakers have struggled to have any consistency and it has left the team fighting for the top four spots in the Western Conference. Thankfully, there is some hope on the horizon for the team as it is believed that LeBron and AD will both be back on the roster within three to four weeks from now.

LeBron seems to be well-aware of this fact and even alluded to it on Instagram recently. In his most recent post, the Lakers superstar offered a fair warning for the rest of the NBA, noting that a storm is coming. The photo he posted was one alongside AD, which just goes to show he’s ready to come back with his partner in crime.

says the weather is changing soon and it predicts a thunderstorm is coming,” LeBron wrote. “Folks prepare and take the proper caution measures to stay safe.”

Lakers fans have been hoping to see these two back on the floor together and they may very well get that wish soon. Hopefully, they are able to be their usual old selves after a few weeks away from the game.

LeBron James & Anthony Davis

Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

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