King Von’s Sister Responds To Quando Rondo’s New Interview

Von’s sister comments on Quando Rondo’s latest interview with Angela Yee.

If you could get through both parts of Quando Rondo’s latest interview with Angela Yee, where the -based rapper annoyingly refers to The Breakfast Club co-host as “ma’am” and dances around in circles every time he’s asked a direct question about what happened on the night of November 6, 2020, then you’re up-to- on the latest involving Quando’s response to Von’s fatal shooting. On that night, Quando says that his team went to the Atlanta-area hookah lounge, where he remained in his car and slept. Upon witnessing a group of people walking toward him in the parking lot, Quando says he let the gathering pass by but when they got closer, allegedly punched him right in the face.

According to Quando, he didn’t know that it was that punched him until the next day. The rapper defended himself and his story during his multiple-part interview with Angela Yee, and we’re finally hearing from somebody close to Von about all of this. The rapper’s sister, influencer Kayla B, commented on the topic on Tuesday night on Twitter.

Prince Williams/Getty Images

“Y’all might as well go talk 2 the police talking in these interviews,” wrote Kayla following the release of the second part of Quando’s talk with Yee. While she doesn’t mention any names, it’s pretty obvious that she’s referring to Quando here. People are commenting on her post, reminding her that mere days after Von’s death, his manager Track was giving interviews to VladTV. 

Watch the second part of Quando’s interview below and let us know what you think about it.

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