Kevin Durant Unimpressed After Kyrie Irving Got Ejected For Trash-Talking

officiating has been abysmal this season.

Last night, fans were up in arms after Dennis Schroder and were ejected following a heated verbal exchange on the court. Neither player got physical and from a viewer’s perspective, it was simply a confrontation we have seen a million times. Despite this, the referees made it about themselves, which they have to an obscene degree this past season. With both players out of the game, the went on to win by a blowout, and overall, it was a win that was pretty well dictated by the refs.

Players know just how annoying the can be when it comes to fines when criticizing the refs, and Durant was certainly in that frame of mind last night as he was asked about the officials. In the end, simply said that the refs can control the outcome of a game and that he didn’t want to comment further on the situation.

At this point, fans are outraged and have had enough with all of the shenanigans that the referees have going on. Many have called for Adam Silver to put a stop to it although for now, it looks like things are going to remain the same. Hopefully, by playoff time, the officials will put their whistles away and let the players play.

Kyrie Irving

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