Is “Snowfall” Better Than “The Wire?” Joe Budden Podcast Co-Host Mal Sparks Debate

Twitter debates whether “Snowfall” is better than “The Wire” after Mal shares a hot take.

Wait… is Snowfall officially a better show than ? The FX crime drama has been one of the hottest shows on television all year but people can’t really be saying that it’s surpassed ? Right?

Joe Budden Podcast co-host Mal has sparked a heated debate on social media after claiming that he believes Snowfall is a better program than . The fourth season of Snowfall has been earning rave reviews and the John Singleton-produced drama seems to be the latest craze on television. While some people agree that it has the potential to eventually pass , the majority of people commenting on Mal’s hot take are arguing that there is no defeating … ever.

“I can always appreciate the boldness of a person who comes on here and tries to convince people that a show is better than The Wire,” responded one fan. “But, you just aren’t going to win that battle,” he concluded. That seems to be the general consensus. While everyone respects that Snowfall is one of the best shows on television, not everybody understands why the debate is even occurring. “Trying to lump any show about drugs in with THE WIRE is disrespectful on so many levels,” said one commenter.

Let us know what you think about this. Is Snowfall better than The Wire? Do you think the two should even be compared? Check out some responses below.

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