“Female Rap Is Very Boring & Mediocre”

Following up on her previous comments, the rapper is doubling down on her remarks.

In discussions of the current rap game, “female rap” is often discussed as a subgenre of the larger genre, inherently positioning the women of hip hop against each other. That being said, the “female rap” game has undeniably reached new heights in the era following Nicki Minaj’s domination of the landscape, as previously articulated by Dreezy a few days ago. Chicago rapper Cupcakke, however, offered a completely different philosophy.

“If I’m being honest with y’all. Female rap is really boring to me right now,” tweeted the rapper on Monday (April 5th). In the tweet, she seemed to be speaking in general about the landscape rather than taking aim at a specific rapper. She doubled down on these in a since-deleted tweet suggesting she was throwing shade at Cardi B, Megan thee Stallion, and Doja Cat.

“I don’t have to shade no one,” penned the 23-year old. “I’m direct. I’ll @ yo fav and tell them exactly how I feel if I felt a way…once again female rap is very boring right now and mediocre. I stand on what I said & not a soul gone do sh*t about it…now what!??” 

Cupakke’s “I said what I said” attitude is decidedly justifiable in the situation considering she didn’t name-drop any specific rappers. 

Additionally, as the old expression goes, if it ain’t directed, it ain’t respected. What do you think of Cupcakke’s comments? Let us know down below. 

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