Draymond Green Explains What He Told Kevin Durant In Now Viral Meme

Draymond Green recently appeared on Kevin Durant’s podcast.

Draymond Green and certainly had their spats while playing together on the Golden State Warriors, although they also had their triumphs as they won two titles together. At one point during their tenure together, they went viral for a clip in which Green was giving a pep talk and continued to poke him in the chest. The whole thing became a meme and to this day, have been trying to figure out what Green said.

While speaking to on his new podcast, Green revealed that he actually told Durant “Can’t nobody fuck with you. Can’t nobody fucking stop you.” This is somewhat what we had in mind when we saw the clip for the first time, and it’s clear that Green’s energy matched the words coming out of his mouth.

Throughout the podcast with Durant, Green and were able to clear the air on a number of issues, and it’s obvious that these two are still cool with each other and that there are no hard feelings about what went down in the Bay Area. After all, you can’t be too mad at each other after winning a couple of championships.


Jason Miller/Getty Images

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