Coi Leray Changes Her Tune About Benzino: “I Love My Dad”

The father-daughter pair were recently at odds & aired out their grievances on social media.

After a tense exchange on social media over a month ago, Coi Leray and her father, Benzino, may be in a better place. The “No More Parties” singer is getting her shine following the success of her Lil Durk-assisted remix to her single, and it has caused Leray to reflect on how she wants to handle success. The rapper-singer has made it clear that she isn’t looking to have drama with anyone, but in early March, Leray and traded verbal shots at one another.

At the time, it was clear that Coi Leray and her father were at odds, but recent tweets suggest that things may be on track to mending old wounds. “I love my dad [ heart emoji] forever and always. [praying hands emoji],” Leray wrote.

Coi Leray, Benzino, TwitterCharley Gallay / Stringer / Getty Images

“I do this for my family, they don’t understand me, no n*ggas around me , they don’t understand me,” she added in a separate tweet. “I do this for my crew they don’t understand I do this sh*t for you they don’t understand.” This is an obvious nod to Lil Durk’s 2013 track, “Don’t Understand Me.”

Previously, Coi stated that she was “embarrassed” to be Benzino’s daughter and he retorted that their argument was the most “disrespectful” encounter he’s experienced. Check out her tweets below.

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