Chet Hanks Spotted Getting Lap Dance From Akbar V

was seen getting a lap dance from Akbar V, this weekend.

was spotted getting a lap dance from Love and Hip Hop star and rapper, Akbar V, on Saturday night, fully celebrating his self-declared “White Boy Summer.”

In a surfaced on The Shade Room, Hanks and Akbar can be seen dancing together in public.

Chet Hanks, AKbar VAlberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Hanks recently declared that, in addition to “White Boy Summer,” it is also “Black Queen Summer.”

“You know, they’ve been asking me, ‘Chet, if it’s going to be a white boy summer does that make it a black queen summer for you?’” he said in a posted to social media. “Do you know me? ‘Cause if you did you’d know that’s all year round.”

Prior to Hanks, Akbar comically tried to land a with in a on Instagram.

“Hey Drake, this is Akbar V, I know you don’t know me or anything but I just be watching you all over the blogs and I see you with the joggers on and I seen that print hanging out of it and it’s real big I was just telling my girlfriends that,” she said in the video. “And I was wondering, could I test drive it? I mean like, I think we would make a good couple…I remember the first tape Take Care and I just feel like you need someone like me Drake.” 


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