Bobby Shmurda Explains Why He Took More Time In Prison To Help Rowdy Rebel

Bobby Shmurda famously agreed to a longer sentence so his friend could get out sooner.

In a world where  have been striving for infamy, clinging to relevance by a thin thread, loyalty wins once again. New York rapper Bobby Shmurda is finally a man, being released from prison earlier this year. He has not released new music since getting out but he’s been enjoying time with his friends, reuniting with his family and the GS9 collective, including Rowdy Rebel, Fetty Luciano, and others. 

When they were getting sentenced, Bobby Shmurda famously struck a deal with prosecutors where he agreed to spend extra time in prison if got a lighter sentence. Rowdy was set to receive a twelve-year sentence, which was ultimately reduced to six years. That was because of Bobby’s actions. The “Hot N***a” rapper is officially speaking out about his decision to take on more time in a recent interview, explaining why he decided to do what he did.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

“They tried to play that against me ’cause they wanted me to -out,” said Bobby during the interview. “They tried to use Rowdy [Rebel] against me as leverage like, aight, we gone give Rowdy twelve [years], we gone give him the max if you don’t cop out with him. And I’m like, you gone do that to my side?”

Bobby says that he had an opportunity to come home much earlier than he did, saying that he could have been released three years ago. “I could have been home way earlier, 2018 or 2017,” he said.

Jim Jones recently praised Bobby Shmurda, saying that the rapper “paid his debt to society.” Read more about that here and check out the interview clip below.

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