Bobby Shmurda Doubles Down On King Of NY Claim On New Song Preview

It looks like Shmurda’s gearing up to drop his first single since his release from prison.

Despite some of the tragic events that have taken place in the past few months, perhaps the best piece of was the release of Bobby Shmurda. The rapper was been taking his time with his return to the game, though he deserves all the time in the world. After all, he did just do a seven-year bid. Fans have been excited, nonetheless, of what we could expect from the rapper, especially with the Brooklyn sound dominating the globe.

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images 

At the end of March, it was reported that Shmurda was having trouble releasing new due to label issues. Shortly after those reports emerged, Bobby revealed that April would be the month we could expect his first drop. So, it looks like the label isn’t holding him back, after all, and from a recent preview on IG Live, he seems locked and loaded for the summer. The rapper took to the ‘Gram where he shared a snippet of new music where he rides a flute-heavy beat with a refined delivery as he declares himself the King Of New York. More so than most his age and younger, Bobby has the credentials to back it up.

In related news, Obasi Jackson, the brother of the late Pop Smoke, recently appeared on the latest episode of BagFuel where he revealed that a collaboration with Pop and Bobby Shmurda is on the horizon. “I feel like that’s probably somewhere in the vault,” he said. “If they did it for Rowdy when Rowdy was still in there, they got something waiting for Bobby. It’s probably gonna come out on the next project– I got to talk to [Pop’s former manager] Steven [Victor]. We was in talks about working on this album. We got like two months left to really– but it shouldn’t take long. Pop is a talented brother so I’m sure it’s there, we just gotta fine-tune it and figure out what we need to do to bring it together and move forward but I’m pretty sure there’s something there for that man.”

Be prepared for a Bobby Shmurda takeover this summer. Check the snippet below. 

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