Asian Doll & Kash Doll End Beef: “It’s Called Growing Up”

The two ladies reunited on a night out and showed love to one another. Asian Doll explained why she put it all behind her.

For years, there has been tension in the Doll House. Back in 2018, words were exchanged between Asian Doll and Kash Doll resulting in a beef between the two rappers. Kash reportedly said that Asian Doll, or Asian Da Brat, didn’t like her because of a man. Later,  intervened and attempted to  the beef before things escalated, but it all took a turn when Asian Doll stated that she was eager to work with Kash Doll and DreamDoll just to “body” them.

Since that time, it has been a fairly silent beef that hasn’t been given much public attention, but that changed on Friday (April 9) evening. Kash and Asian Doll looked to have reunited during a night out and both women celebrated putting their differences behind them. They shared photos of their greetings and embraces on social media and soon, Asian Da Brat was offering up an explanation as to why she decided to put it all behind her.

Kash Doll, DreamDoll, Asian Doll, BeefAaron J. Thornton / Stringer / Getty Images

“It’s called growing up I literally don’t want no drama with nobody [100 emoji],” Asian Doll tweeted. “It was good seeing her tho frfr look how far we came I’m going through to much to be beefing over nothing [100 emoji].” Check out a few tweets and photos below.

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