Anders & FRVRFRIDAY Form A Canadian Tag Team On “What I Like”

Over the past year or so, the Canadian space has been blossoming into something special as numerous new artists have entered the fray and are delivering top-tier tracks. from Toronto is one of those artists and over the last few months, Edmonton’s own FRVRFRIDAY has also been bringing the hits. With this in mind, it should be no surprise that they decided to link up for a brand new song, called “What I Like.”

This track certainly brings the vibes as we have a hypnotic beat all while delivers a smooth first verse and chorus. His voice truly shines here and FRVRFRIDAY is just as solid as he comes through with a more high-pitched effort. Both artists are unique but it makes for some fun chemistry and if you’re a Canadian, you can’t help but be proud of these two.

Quotable Lyrics:

I came up with keys, off of cheese, off of threeI have a good week, she get C’s, I get G’sSaid I wouldn’t tweak, I got shrooms in the teaI’ve been too much lean, that shit got me losing sleep, uh

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