50 Cent Reacts To Pfizer Vaccine Announcement

reacts to Pfizer’s CEO saying that a third COVID-19 dose is likely needed within a year.

We’re all learning as we navigate through this pandemic– even the scientists that we’re trusting to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Vaccines were quickly developed by some of the leading pharmaceutical companies within a year of the virus being declared a pandemic, including Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, Astra-Zeneca, and others. Each of the options has faced a fair share of criticism, as the J&J jab was recently paused because of reports of a small percentage of people experiencing blood clots after getting the shot. The same criticism has applied to Astra-Zeneca. 

This week, Pfizer’s CEO said that a third dose of the vaccine was likely needed within twelve months for the strongest level of immunity against the virus. As expected, people have reacted to the news strongly, considering their preferred option for the vaccine. was one of the people awe-struck by the news, making a post about it and seemingly opting not to get a vaccine altogether.

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“So the baby powder joint giving women blood clots, and this one ain’t working,” said 50 Cent, reacting to the announcement from Pfizer’s CEO. For the record, Pfizer has not said that their vaccine “doesn’t work.” More accurately, the number of virus mutations will likely force us to have annual vaccinations for COVID-19, and Pfizer’s two-dose shot could simply be adjusted to better protect the public. “Wtf i’m going back in the house,” concluded Fif.

has been hard at work on the upcoming television series BMF, which he has been teasing for years. With the news that Pfizer could be moving to a three-dose system, he seems unsure about whether he wants to get it at all.

What are your thoughts on Pfizer’s CEO’s comments? What’s your stance on the vaccine?

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